“The Land Before Time VII” quotes

Movie The Land Before Time VII
Title The Land Before Time VII
Original title The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire
Year 2000
Director Charles Grosvenor
Genre Musical, Adventure, Family, Animation
Plot – Finding a "stone of cold fire" falling from the sky during the night: this is the purpose of the new adventure of Littlefoot and his friends. Even uncle Pterano wants to join the expedition but he has another secret hope: taking possession of the stone, which he believes has magical powers.
All actors – Jeff Bennett, Anndi McAfee, Thomas Dekker, Aria Noelle Curzon, Rob Paulsen, Kenneth Mars, Miriam Flynn, John Ingle, Tress MacNeille, Jim Cummings, Charles Kimbrough, Patti Deutsch
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  • “- Cera's Dad: First, a flying rock is a flying rock. Second, fire can't be cold and third, there is nothing beyond the mysterious beyond!
    - Rainbow Face #1: You sure?
    - Cera's Dad: Yes and I'm sure I don't need any blabbing rainbowfaces, filling our young ones' heads with rubbish!”

    John Ingle - Cera's Dad
    Charles Kimbrough - Rainbow Face #1
  • “If people don't see things with their own eyes it doesn't exist, what limited thinking.”

    Patti Deutsch - Rainbow Face #2
  • “- Pterano: I wanted to make everything perfect. I just wanted to create a paradise!
    - Petrie: We already have paradise back in Great Valley. You no need to fix, just got to not break.”

    Michael York - Pterano
    Jeff Bennett - Petrie
  • “- Pterano: If there's one thing I will not tolerate, it's violence!
    - Rinkus: Then why are you hitting me?
    - Pterano: Right, make that two things. Violence and stupid questions!”

    Michael York - Pterano
    Rob Paulsen - Rinkus
  • “Pterano considers he knows everything, even when he knows nothing.”
    Kenneth Mars - Grandpa Longneck