“The Care Bears Movie” quotes

Movie The Care Bears Movie
Title The Care Bears Movie
Year 1985
Director Arna Selznick
Genre Comedy, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Animation
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Plot – Nicholas works with the illusionist Fetuccini and can't stand Jason and his sister Kim. The guys are involved in various adventures and Nicholas evokes even a witch to get rid of them. The two brothers are helped by the Tenderheart Bears, a good-natured lion and a pink elephant. Their adventures are set in the Forest of Feelings. The witch kidnaps Jason and Kim but they are rescued by the Bears. In the end, Nicholas changes his mind and befriends Jason and Kim.
All actors – Mickey Rooney, Jackie Burroughs, Georgia Engel, Sunny Besen Thrasher, Eva Almos, Patricia Black, Melleny Melody, Bob Dermer, Jayne Eastwood, Eve Evans, Gloria Figura, Cree Summer
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