“A Goofy Movie” quotes

Movie A Goofy Movie
Title A Goofy Movie
Year 1995
Director Kevin Lima
Genre Comedy, Musical, Romance, Adventure, Family, Animation
Plot – Goofy decides to go fishing with his teenage son Max, who actually is reluctant about going with him. The dad’s intentions are to be closer to his son, experiencing "great moments to remember” together. Max would rather spend his "great moments" in a completely different way and with quite different people - such as the sweet Roxanne, who’s willing to date him. The boy thinks his father looks like one of his worst nightmares, so he isn’t that excited for their trip together. After sixty years of supporting Mickey Mouse, Goofy is promoted to protagonist in a full-length film. His supporter is a real son, whereas before there was the annoying nephew Gilbert. Goofy is similar to Jerry Lewis for his careless and clumsiness, for his irremediable aversion towards order, discipline and rationality.
All actors – Bill Farmer, Jason Marsden, Jim Cummings, Kellie Martin, Rob Paulsen, Wallace Shawn, Jenna von Oÿ, Frank Welker, Kevin Lima, Florence Stanley, Jo Anne Worley, Brittany Alyse Smith
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  • “If you keep 'em under your thumb, they'll never end up in the gutter.”

    Jim Cummings - Pete
    [Tag:caring, failure]
  • “Dear Roxanne, couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd drop you a line. My dad and I are having a great time. We're only days away from L.A., and I can hardly wait for the big concert!”

    Jason Marsden - Max Goof
  • “- Max Goof: I'm not your little boy anymore, Dad! I've grown up! I've got my own life now!
    - Goofy: I know that! I just wanted to be part of it. You're my son, Max. No matter how big you get, you'll always be my son.”

    Jason Marsden - Max Goof
    Bill Farmer - Goofy
    [Tag:father, growth, son]
  • “- Pete: Check your map.
    - Goofy: I don't need to check the map. I trust my son. You know, maybe Max isn't all the things that you think a son should be, but... he loves me.
    - Pete: Hey, my son respects me.”

    Jim Cummings - Pete
    Bill Farmer - Goofy
    [Tag:respect, son, trust]
  • “- Miss Maples: It's not my break, yet.
    - Bobby Zimmeruski: Yeah! Dance with her! Groove with her!”

    Jo Anne Worley - Miss Maples
    Pauly Shore - Bobby Zimmeruski
  • “- Max Goof: But, Dad, I don't even know how to fish.
    - Goofy: That's never stopped me. I'm gonna show you a little secret that has been handed down for twelve or thirteen Goof generations: the perfect cast.”

    Jason Marsden - Max Goof
    Bill Farmer - Goofy
  • “- Goofy: What the map says... we will follow.
    - Max Goof: That's very mystical and everything, Dad, but there's seriously this party I have to...
    - Goofy: Oh, there will be plenty of time for parties when you're older, Maxie. Why, when I was your age, I've never even been invited to a party. Look at me, now!”

    Bill Farmer - Goofy
    Jason Marsden - Max Goof
  • “- Goofy: Are you okay, Maxie?
    - Max Goof: What did you say?
    - Goofy: That's right. A vacation, son! We'll spend some real quality time together.
    - Max Goof: I think I'm gonna be sick.”

    Bill Farmer - Goofy
    Jason Marsden - Max Goof
  • “- Pete: So, uh, you and your son seem to be getting along just hunky-dorey, huh?
    - Goofy: Yeah, it's been great. You know, it's funny, but none of your techniques worked for me. The harder I tried the worse it got. Once I eased up, things just clicked.
    - Pete: Oh, that's swell. So, uh, no problems then, huh?
    - Goofy: Not one.”

    Jim Cummings - Pete
    Bill Farmer - Goofy
    [Tag:family, problems]
  • “- Max Goof: I wouldn't mind having this R.V. You're so lucky.
    - P.J. Pete: Me? Oh, come on, man! You're the star. Going to the Powerline concert? Oh, it's unbelievable!
    - Max Goof: Who told you about that?
    - P.J. Pete: Hey, come on! Everybody in town knows about it, Max! You are going to be famous, buddy... especially with Roxanne!”

    Jason Marsden - Max Goof
    Rob Paulsen - P.J. Pete
    [Tag:gossip, lies]
  • “- Goofy: You're doing the right thing, son.
    - Max Goof: I know, but she'll probably never talk to me again.
    - Goofy: Well, if she doesn't, maybe she's just not the one for you.
    - Max Goof: That's what I'm afraid of.”

    Bill Farmer - Goofy
    Jason Marsden - Max Goof
    [Tag:break-up, love]
  • “Dear Roxanne, sorry I lied, I'm not really going to the Powerline concert. You may never want to see me again...”

    Jason Marsden - Max Goof
  • “- Goofy: This is a vacation with me and my best buddy.
    - Max Goof: Donald Duck?
    - Goofy: No, silly, with you!”

    Bill Farmer - Goofy
    Jason Marsden - Max Goof
  • “- Principal Mazur: Your son caused the entire student body to break into a riotous frenzy!
    - Goofy: Riot? It couldn't be my...
    - Principal Mazur: If I were you, Mr. Goof, I'd seriously re-evaluate the way you're raising your child before he ends up in the electric chair!”

    Wallace Shawn - Principal Mazur
    Bill Farmer - Goofy
  • “- Max Goof: We're going fishing?
    - Goofy: Yup. Just like my dad and me did, two best buddies fishing on Lake Destiny away from it all!
    - Max Goof: I don't want to be away from it all, Dad, I like it all.
    - Goofy: Look, Maxie. We're using the same map me and my dad used. We'll take the same route, make the same stops, see the same sights.”

    Jason Marsden - Max Goof
    Bill Farmer - Goofy
    [Tag:father, son, traveling]