“Disorderlies” quotes

Movie Disorderlies
Title Disorderlies
Year 1987
Director Michael Schultz
Genre Comedy
Plot – An elderly billionaire is hospitalized. The team of nurses is nutty but they will save the man from a family plot.
All actors – Mark Morales, Darren Robinson, Damon Wimbley, Anthony Geary, Tony Plana, Helen Reddy, Lisa Kingston, Marco Rodríguez, Ralph Bellamy, Jim Jackman, Don Woodard, Charles Green
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  • “- Sgt. Bledsoe: Now, you boys better talking some sense, or I'm gonna have to use the Florida lie detector.
    - Buffy: What's a Florida lie detector?
    - Sgt. Bledsoe: A Florida lie detector is a 300-pound white man... with a baseball bat.”

    Don Hood - Sgt. Bledsoe
    Darren Robinson - Buffy
    [Tag:lies, threat]
  • “- Winslow Lowry: Listen, from now on I want Albert at home. Where he belongs. Where he's safe. Where he's loved.
    - Albert Dennison: Chill out, Winslow. We just went to an all night drug store to get some medicine. And it worked.”

    Anthony Geary - Winslow Lowry
    Ralph Bellamy - Albert Dennison
    [Tag:caring, friends, worry]
  • “- Kool: Too damn skinny. You can see their bones and stuff, they look like bicycles. I want a woman that looks like a Cadillac.
    - Buffy: I know what you mean.”

    Damon Wimbley - Kool
    Darren Robinson - Buffy