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Movie Divorcing Jack
Title Divorcing Jack
Year 1998
Director David Caffrey
Genre Comedy, Thriller
Plot – Belfast, 1999. Don Starkey is a news reporter for the Evening News who is known and feared for his very pungent style. The elections are imminent and Don has been assigned to accompany a fellow American reporter to interview one of the candidates, Michael Brinn. Don is married but does not hold back when offered the chance of a fling with a girl he met in the park. His wife Patricia throws him out of the house and, when he returns to the girl, he finds she has been brutally killed. Unexpectedly, Don becomes a wanted man, but not just by the police: even Pat Keegan, a shady individual, is chasing him to get back an audio cassette with Dvorak music. Pat catches Don, kills the American and threatens Patricia, whom he kidnapped earlier. A nurse, who in the evening performs in clubs dressed as a nun, arrives and saves them. Don understands the reason for Pat's interest: on the tape, the criminal confesses to having participated in bomb attacks years earlier as a member of the IRA. This tape had ended up in the hands of the girl that Don had an affair with and that Brinn had killed. Meanwhile, elections are taking place. The radio reports that Brinn has almost certainly won. It is the moment of reckoning. Pat, Don and Brinn meet outside of town. They exchange a box and some money. Brinn's car leaves and soon after explodes. Pat's car goes in the opposite direction and also explodes soon after. Don remains on foot, alive and free, but not at all happy.
All actors – David Thewlis, Rachel Griffiths, Jason Isaacs, Laura Fraser, Richard Gant, Laine Megaw, Bronagh Gallagher, Kitty Aldridge, Robert Lindsay, Adam Black, Simon Magill, George Shane
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