“Wrongfully Accused” quotes

Movie Wrongfully Accused
Title Wrongfully Accused
Year 1998
Director Pat Proft
Genre Comedy, Thriller, Action
Plot – At the end of another concert, Ryan Harrison, a senior but charming international violin player, is dragged into a burning love affair with Lauren Goodhue. The rich lady has chosen him as the ideal bait to kill her husband Hibbing, a laptops tycoon who has discovered his wife's plan to assassinate the UN Secretary General. Harrison then is identified as Hibbing's murderer and sentenced to death. During the transfer, the prison's bus has an accident and Harrison manages to escape, but he's chased by sheriff Fergus. Ryan must prove his innocence at all costs and Cass, who has fallen in love with him at the concert, helps him to make Lauren fall into a trap. Finally she's arrested as the real culprit. Now Ryan and Cass leave together for a well deserved holiday.
All actors – Leslie Nielsen, Richard Crenna, Kelly LeBrock, Melinda McGraw, Michael York, Sandra Bernhard, Aaron Pearl, Leslie Jones, Benjamin Ratner, Gerard Plunkett, Duncan Fraser, John Walsh, Maury Hannigan, Chick Hearn, Lamb Chop, Brian Arnold, Guy Bews, Mary Black, Michael S. Bolton, Jacques Bourassa, Ken Boyd, Alexander Boynton, Johnathon Bruce, Rick Burgess, Charn Gandam, Brian Cochrane, Arthur Corber, Ric Cross, Cory Dagg, Alex Diakun, Rob Daprocida, Thea Nielsen Disney, Adrien Dorval, Mark Fox, Mark Francis, Christopher L. Gibson, Calvin Guo, Michelle Hart, Ellie Harvie, Noah Heney, Ingrid Henningsen, Derek Hurst, Maura Nielsen Kaplan, Ellen Kennedy, P.J. Lespance, Wallace Leung, Bev Martin, Mina E. Mina, Kanlayaporn Neelaphamorn, Barbaree Earl Nielsen, Robin Nielsen, Jason Payn, Charles Payne, David Prestley, Pat Proft, Marco Roy, Patty Sachs, Yôko Sakai, Veena Sood, Bill Tarling, Ingrid Tesch, Stephen Tibbetts, French Tickner, Ken 'Brother' Vils, Henry O. Watson, Highlanders of Canada The Seaforth, Zeph Cassie, Tony Comerford, Peter Doddeck, Miles Elkington, Joel Hanna, James Hibbard, Ian Millar, Kylie McMann, Wendy Carson, Shari Lewis
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