“Fear of a Black Hat” quotes

Movie Fear of a Black Hat
Title Fear of a Black Hat
Year 1993
Director Rusty Cundieff
Genre Comedy, Music
All actors – Mark Christopher Lawrence, Larry B. Scott, Rusty Cundieff, Kasi Lemmons, Howie Gold, G. Smokey Campbell, Bobby Mardis, Brad Sanders, Moon Jones, Tim Hutchinson, Faizon Love, Deezer D
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  • “We got a whole hat philosophy, you know what I'm saying? Back in the days when there was slaves and stuff, they would work in the hot sun all day, with the sun beating down them. Hatless. Not even a babushka. So by the time they got back to the plantation from being in all the heat, they was too tired to rebel against their masters, right? So...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Rusty Cundieff - Ice Cold
  • “Boy, I'm telling you, you brothers are gonna be large! But like I said, you got to be careful. Because y'all are telling the truth, and the white man don't want you all saying what you're saying.”

    Barry Shabaka Henley - Geoffrey Lennox
    [Tag:caution, racism, truth]
  • “- Nina Blackburn: They say it's the quiet ones that you have to watch out for.
    - Tasty Taste: And, if you've noticed, I ain't said shit for a couple minutes now.”

    Kasi Lemmons - Nina Blackburn
    Larry B. Scott - Tasty Taste
    [Tag:attitude, worry]
  • “It's our civic duty to bang the booty.”
    Larry B. Scott - Tasty Taste
    [Tag:duty, sex]
  • “- Nina Blackburn: Do you worry that you have a lot of enemies, more than the average guy?
    - Tasty Taste: So what you tryin' to say? You tryin' to say that I'm, like, paranoid 'n stuff? Do I look like the kind of person that would be paranoid?”

    Kasi Lemmons - Nina Blackburn
    Larry B. Scott - Tasty Taste
    [Tag:anxiety, enemy, worry]