“I Walk Alone” quotes

Movie I Walk Alone
Title I Walk Alone
Year 1947
Director Byron Haskin
Genre Drama, Crime, Film-Noir
Plot – Frankie Madison gets back to New York after serving a sentence of 15 years in prison, while his partner Nick has remained out of jail. In the days when he was arrested, the two partners in crime had decided they would have split the loot in half. Nick, though, did not respect their agreement and used all the money to open a night club and has now become one of the richest men in the city. When Frankie arrives at the club, Nick, in order to avoid any discussions, sends his lover Kay to test the water. Frankie opens his heart to her and tells her about the robbery and about how his partner left him to rot in jail. When the two man meet face to face, they have a fight and Frankie is beaten and locked in a cellar. Kay and David, one of Nick's partners, set him free and take care of him. Nick decides to make a virtue of the situation and kill David, trying to put the blame on Frankie. For the first time with the law on his side, Frankie, helped by Kay, will find Nick and start a new life.
All actors – Burt Lancaster, Lizabeth Scott, Kirk Douglas, Wendell Corey, Kristine Miller, George Rigaud, Marc Lawrence, Mike Mazurki, Mickey Knox, Roger Neury, , Bobby Barber, Brooks Benedict, John Bishop, Charles D. Brown, Gino Corrado, James Davies, Jean Del Val, Jimmie Dundee, Franklyn Farnum, Bess Flowers, John George, Sam Harris, Olin Howland, Kenner G. Kemp, Mike Lally, Bruce Lester, Walter Merrill, Harold Miller, Frank Mills, Bert Moorhouse, William H. O'Brien, Jack Perrin, The Regency Three, Dewey Robinson, Cap Somers, Freddie Steele, Brick Sullivan
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  • “- Charles: What about that girl who sings?
    - Mrs. Alexis Richardson: Every man has a girl who sings someplace in his life.”

    Bruce Lester - Charles
    Kristine Miller - Mrs. Alexis Richardson
    [Tag:men, singing, women]
  • “- Mrs. Alexis Richardson: You know, you're quite an attractive man.
    - Frankie Madison: Keep goin'.
    - Mrs. Alexis Richardson: How far do you want me to go?
    - Frankie Madison: I'm at the plate. You're doing the pitching.”

    Kristine Miller - Mrs. Alexis Richardson
    Burt Lancaster - Frankie Madison
  • “- Mrs. Alexis Richardson: I'm Mrs. Alexis Richardson.
    - Frankie Madison: You say that like it was spelt in capital letters.”

    Kristine Miller - Mrs. Alexis Richardson
    Burt Lancaster - Frankie Madison
    [Tag:name, pride]
  • “- Nick Palestro: For a buck, you'd double-cross your own mother.
    - Skinner: Why not? She'd do the same to me.”

    Marc Lawrence - Nick Palestro
    Mickey Knox - Skinner