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Bess Flowers quotes
  • “As I went to the station, I saw a great big sign with oranges growing which said California, and I said, 'What the devil! I'll go to California and get in pictures! And so I did. I got a job the first day I went on an interview.”
    Bess Flowers
  • “My father was very strict, and when I had a date, my poppa came in and just bawled the boy out, and I was furious with my father.”
    Bess Flowers
  • “I have principles and ethics for myself, and I don't cut them one damn bit to work.”
    Bess Flowers
  • “I was always clothes-conscious. I wanted to be an individual always, never one of the horde.”
    Bess Flowers
  • “I made a good living. I'm lazy, from the South, so I never took anything that was hard.”
    Bess Flowers
  • “- Jill Baker: I will not be psycho-analyzed.
    - Extra in Ladies Room: That's a very middle-class attitude.
    - Jill Baker: I'm a perfectly normal woman.”

    Merle Oberon - Jill Baker
    Bess Flowers - Extra in Ladies Room