“The Woman in the Window” quotes

Movie The Woman in the Window
Fritz Lang directed this movie in 1944
Title The Woman in the Window
Year 1944
Director Fritz Lang
Genre Drama, Crime, Film-Noir, Thriller, Mystery
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All actors – Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett, Raymond Massey, Edmund Breon, Dan Duryea, Thomas E. Jackson, Dorothy Peterson, Arthur Loft, Frank Dawson, Iris Adrian, Austin Badell, Brandon Beach, James Beasley, Al Benault, Robert Blake, Paul Bradley, Don Brodie, Carol Cameron, Claire Carleton, James Carlisle, Eddy Chandler, Freddie Chapman, Alec Craig, Hal Craig, Joe Devlin, Tom Dillon, Ralph Dunn, Calvin Emery, Bess Flowers, Fred Fuceton, Jack Gardner, Jack Gargan, Fred Graham, Tom Hanlon, James Harrison, Harry Hayden, William J. Holmes, Fred Hueston, Sheldon Jett, Jack W. Johnston, Donald Kerr, Lawrence Lathrop, Ann Loos, William Lyer, Frank McClure, George 'Spanky' McFarland, Joel McGinnis, Harold McNulty, Charles Meakin, Frank Melton, Frank Mills, Harold Minjir, Frances Morris, Ralph Norwood, Wedgwood Nowell, Anne O'Neal, Louis Payne, Dave Pepper, Alexander Pollard, Fred Rapport, Roy Seager, Scott Seaton, Arthur Space, Wyndham Standing, Larry Steers, Ruth Valmy, Lane Watson
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  • “There are only three ways to deal with a blackmailer. You can pay him and pay him and pay him until you're penniless. Or you can call the police yourself and let your secret be known to the world. Or you can kill him.”
    Edward G. Robinson - Professor Richard Wanley
  • “- Heidt: Another reward for ten thousand dollars for any information leading to the arrest of the murderer of Claude Mazard. You didn't hear it?
    - Alice Reed: And if I had, it wouldn't have meant one thing to me.
    - Heidt: Now if you're gonna start claiming you never knew him, you can save your breath. 'Cause I've been tailing him for months, and...” (continue)
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    Dan Duryea - Heidt
    Joan Bennett - Alice Reed
  • “I don't want to make trouble for anybody. I can, of course, but I don't want to.”
    Dan Duryea - Heidt
    [Tag:ability, trouble]
  • “In the DistrictAttorney's office we see what happens to middle-aged men who try acting like colts.”
    Raymond Massey - Dist. Atty. Frank Lalor
    [Tag:attitude, threat]
  • “Even if the spirit of adventure should rise up before me and beckon, even in the form of that alluring young woman in the window next door, I'm afraid that all I'll do is clutch my coat a little tighter, mutter something idiotic and run like the devil.”

    Edward G. Robinson - Professor Richard Wanley
  • “The streets were dark with something more than night.”
    Edward G. Robinson - Professor Richard Wanley
    [Tag:darkness, night]
  • “The flesh is still strong but the spirit grows weaker by the hour.”

    Edward G. Robinson - Professor Richard Wanley