“Jesse James” quotes

Movie Jesse James
Title Jesse James
Year 1939
Directors Henry King, Irving Cummings
Genre Drama, History, Crime, Biography, Western
Plot – The story takes place in the Far West. The railway company needs to expropriate large territories to build the railway and during the works a land owner, Mrs. James, is killed, leaving her sons to avenge her. As they flee, at first they are considered like heroes, then like bandits. Jessie is the youngest boy and marries a girl, remaining the gang leader anyway. He looks for a honest life, but one of his former partners is looking for him.
All actors – Tyrone Power, Henry Fonda, Nancy Kelly, Randolph Scott, Henry Hull, Slim Summerville, J. Edward Bromberg, Brian Donlevy, John Carradine, Donald Meek, Johnny Russell, Jane Darwell
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  • “Ten years ago, here in Liberty, we didn't have no lawyers and we got along fine. Man killed somebody, then somebody killed him, and the marshal shot 'em all and that was the end of it.”

    Henry Hull - Maj. Rufus Cobb
    [Tag:city, law, lawyers]
  • “If we are ever to have law and order in the West, the first thing we gotta do is take out all the lawyers and shoot 'em down like dogs.”

    Henry Hull - Maj. Rufus Cobb
  • “Look at it today: right here in Liberty we got hundreds of lawyers, thousands of 'em, as far as the eye can see: nothing but lawyers!”

    Henry Hull - Maj. Rufus Cobb
    [Tag:city, lawyers]
  • “No use, honey. It's just like I always told you: I hate the railroads... and when I hate, I've gotta do somethin' about it.”

    Tyrone Power - Jesse James
    [Tag:anger, hatred]
  • “People ain't hating nowadays like they used to. They gettin' soft. I got to admit that I like a man that hauls off and hates good and hard.”

    Henry Hull - Maj. Rufus Cobb
    [Tag:lawyers, society]
  • “- Zerelda - aka Zee: Uncle Rufe, there are only two lawyers in Liberty.
    - Maj. Rufus Cobb: Two? Is that all? Then they run around too much.”

    Nancy Kelly - Zerelda - aka Zee
    Henry Hull - Maj. Rufus Cobb
    [Tag:city, lawyers]
  • “It's the lawyers - gol-dang it - it's the lawyers are messin' up the whole world!”

    Henry Hull - Maj. Rufus Cobb