“The Grapes of Wrath” quotes

Movie The Grapes of Wrath
Title The Grapes of Wrath
Year 1940
Director John Ford
Genre Drama
Plot – Tom Joad has served four years in prison for manslaughter. His parents are modest Oklahoma farmers who decide to reach California where other farmers are going to find a new job. After the long journey, new disappointments await the family as California land owners are greedy and arrogant and provoke many rebellions among the farmers. The Joads find a job but Tom is wounded, so they are forced to get back on the road, but they finally find a safe refuge in a camp set by the government. Tom, wanted by the police, distances from his family and resumes alone his journey towards a better future.
All actors – Henry Fonda, Jane Darwell, John Carradine, Charley Grapewin, Dorris Bowdon, Russell Simpson, O.Z. Whitehead, John Qualen, Eddie Quillan, Zeffie Tilbury, Frank Sully, Frank Darien, Darryl Hickman, Shirley Mills, Roger Imhof, Grant Mitchell, Charles D. Brown, John Arledge, Ward Bond, Harry Tyler, William Pawley, Charles Tannen, Selmer Jackson, Charles Middleton, Eddy Waller, Paul Guilfoyle, David Hughes, Cliff Clark, Joe Sawyer, Frank Faylen, Adrian Morris, Hollis Jewell, Robert Homans, Irving Bacon, Kitty McHugh, Wally Albright, Erville Alderson, Josephine Allen, Robert J. Anderson, Frank Atkinson, Arthur Aylesworth, Trevor Bardette, John Binns, Joe Bordeaux, Leon Brace, Henry Brahe, George P. Breakston, Buster Brodie, Scotty Brown, Hal Budlong, Nora Bush, Russ Clark, Shirley Coates, Cal Cohen, Cecil Cook, Harry Cording, Jim Corey, Gino Corrado, Delmar Costello, Jane Crowley, W.H. Davis, Helen Dean, John Dilson, Lillian Drew, Ralph Dunn, Thornton Edwards, Billy Elmer, Pat Flaherty, James Flavin, Francis Ford, Emily Gerdes, Tyler Gibson, Barney Gilmore, William Haade, Ben Hall, Dean Hall, Edna Hall, Sidney Hayes, Cliff Herbert, Charles Herzinger, Herbert Heywood, Harry Holden, E.J. Kaspar, David Kirkland, Lillian Lawrence, Rex Lease, Hazel Lollier, Mae Marsh, Louis Mason, Harry Matthews, Scotty Mattraw, Walter McGrail, Jules Michelson, Walter Miller, Philip Morris, Frank Newburg, Frank O'Connor, L.F. O'Connor, George O'Hara, Ted Oliver, Inez Palange, Steve Pendleton, Jack Pennick, Walter Perry, Walton Pindon, Rose Plumer, Chauncey Pyle, Bob Reeves, Gladys Rehfeld, Waclaw Rekwart, Dick Rich, Gloria Roy, Peggy Ryan, Robert Shaw, Lee Shumway, Georgia Simmons, C.B. Steele, Al Stewart, Harry Strang, Paul Sutton, Harry Tenbrook, Charles Thurston, D.H. Turner, Tom Tyler, Pearl Varvalle, Eleanore Vogel, Max Wagner, Harry Wallace, John Wallace, Glen Walters, Jack Walters, Frank Watson, Jim Welch, Charles West, Dan White, Norman Willis, Bill Wolfe, Bill Worth
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