“Leprechaun: In the Hood” quotes

Movie Leprechaun: In the Hood
Title Leprechaun: In the Hood
Original title Leprechaun in the Hood
Year 2000
Director Rob Spera
Genre Comedy, Horror, Music, Fantasy, Action
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Plot – Stray Bullet, Butch and Postmaster P are three young rappers who enter Mack Daddy studio. They find out the producer owes his success to a magic flute, so they take it by force but have to deal with Mack's vengeful ally, an evil Leprechaun.
All actors – Warwick Davis, Ice-T, Anthony Montgomery, Rashaan Nall, Red Grant, Dan Martin, Lobo Sebastian, Ivory Ocean, Jack Ong, Barima McKnight, Bebe Drake, Donna M. Perkins
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