“Cats & Dogs” quotes

Movie Cats & Dogs
Title Cats & Dogs
Year 2001
Director Lawrence Guterman
Genre Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Action
Plot – Prof. Brody is a moody and distracted scientist always locked in his laboratory. He almost forgets the existence of his wife and son, but finally he gets the result he was looking for: he has created a vaccine to eliminate humans' allergy to dogs, but now he has to deal with Mr.Tinkles, an evil Persian cat who rules the feline movement against dogs and manages to destroy the vaccine. The canine world organizes in turn while cats team up with rats to spread the allergy. In the end, dogs win but the vaccine is destroyed during an explosion at Brody's.
All actors – Jeff Goldblum, Elizabeth Perkins, Alexander Pollock, Miriam Margolyes, Myron Natwick, Doris Chillcott, Kirsten Robek, Frank C. Turner, Mar Andersons, Gillian Barber, Carol Ann Susi, Randi Kaplan
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