“Leprechaun” quotes

Movie Leprechaun
Title Leprechaun
Year 1993
Director Mark Jones
Genre Comedy, Horror, Fantasy
Plot – In Ireland, Dan O’Grady finds the gold loot of the “leprechaun”, a kind of malefic elf. Once he’s home, the man tries to kill the creature, but dies instead. Ten years after, J.D. and his daughter Tony buy Dan’s house, unaware of what it is hiding inside.
All actors – Warwick Davis, Jennifer Aniston, Ken Olandt, Mark Holton, Robert Hy Gorman, Shay Duffin, John Sanderford, John Voldstad, Pamela Mant, William Newman, David Permenter, Raymond C. Turner
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  • “I'll not rest till I have me gold. Curse this well that me soul shall dwell, till I find me magic that breaks me spell.”

    Warwick Davis - Leprechaun
  • “Try as they will, and try as they might, who steals me gold won't live through the night.”

    Warwick Davis - Leprechaun
    [Tag:death, gold, threat]
  • “- Ozzie: This really happened, Alex. It did! It's like magic, you know? Like... when you see a star in the night sky - the first star - you can make a wish. And it'll come true.
    - Alex: Stop with the magic stuff.”

    Mark Holton - Ozzie
    Robert Hy Gorman - Alex
    [Tag:magic, wishes]
  • “- Ozzie: Do you think you could kill a leprechaun?
    - Alex: Ozzie, you can kill anything. You just got to know how to do it. Now, give me a 357 magnum, press it to the little green critter's temple, and blam! Brains and guts and oozing cruddy stuff dripping all down its head. The guy is gone with a capital dead.”

    Mark Holton - Ozzie
    Robert Hy Gorman - Alex
    [Tag:killing, weapons]
  • “- Alex: A leprechaun? Let's inject a little reality in here, please.
    - Ozzie: I saw him. I really did see him. He even tried to polish my shoes.
    - Alex: Then where's his pot of gold?
    - Ozzie: That's what he said he wants. He said he wanted his pot of gold!”

    Robert Hy Gorman - Alex
    Mark Holton - Ozzie
    [Tag:desire, gold, reality]
  • “You only got away because me powers are weak! I need me gold!”

    Warwick Davis - Leprechaun
    [Tag:gold, power, weakness]
  • “- Ozzie: It came right down out of the sky. And there it was... this flying saucer. It had these weird lights, you know? It was making all of these weird noises, kind of like boo-boo boo-boo.
    - Alex: Ozzie, I thought you weren't going to tell any more stories.”

    Mark Holton - Ozzie
    Robert Hy Gorman - Alex
  • “- Ozzie: It's me, it's me you want, you green little son of a bitch. I've got the last gold coin. I swallowed it. It's in my stomach.
    - Leprechaun: Then it's your belly I want.”

    Mark Holton - Ozzie
    Warwick Davis - Leprechaun
  • “- Dan O'Grady: Gold, Leah! Gold.
    - Mrs. O'Grady: What in the lord's name...
    - Dan O'Grady: A pot of gold! A wee person, a leprechaun. I caught him and made him show me where his gold is. It's the rule, you know?”

    Shay Duffin - Dan O'Grady
    Pamela Mant - Mrs. O'Grady
    [Tag:gold, trap]
  • “Don't strain yourself. You're not as young as you used to be. You might have a stroke. I curse ye for all eternity. I've traded me soul for me gold. You'll trade your life.”

    Warwick Davis - Leprechaun
    [Tag:curse, gold, soul]
  • “This guy... was real. He had buckles on his shoes and he had them real horrible teeth, and they were all rotten and everything, and... I know he never does brush them. That's him. He's going to kill every one of us, and I'm first.”

    Mark Holton - Ozzie
  • “- Ozzie: I told you! That's what that leprechaun was talking about.
    - Alex: Would you stop with that stupid leprechaun stuff. We found this gold. Finders keepers!”

    Mark Holton - Ozzie
    Robert Hy Gorman - Alex
  • “Burn in hell, you little green bastard!”

    Shay Duffin - Dan O'Grady
    [Tag:hell, victory]
  • “- Ozzie: There's a leprechaun in the basement!
    - Nathan Murphy: Hold on. What's going on?
    - Ozzie: He came out of a box. He had these long, real skinny fingers. He wasn't nice like lucky charms or anything. And then he ate a bug!”

    Mark Holton - Ozzie
    Ken Olandt - Nathan Murphy