“Moon Over Parador” quotes

Movie Moon Over Parador
Paul Mazursky directed this movie in 1988
Title Moon Over Parador
Year 1988
Director Paul Mazursky
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – Jack Noah is a New York actor. He's working in Parador, a Caribbean republic ruled by a drunkard and womanizer dictator. The politician is driven too by the chief of police, the former Nazi Roberto Strausmann. The dictator dies and Roberto forces Jack to act like him to avoid unrest or guerrillas actions. Noah really looks like the dead man and accepts. The corpse is hidden in a fridge and everyone believes nothing has happened. Except the dictator's lover, Madonna, who helps Jack to improve the population's conditions. Jack and Madonna get married. Then he learns he isn't allowed to come back to his country, so the actor pretends to be killed and immediately flies to the United States.
All actors – Richard Dreyfuss, Raul Julia, Sonia Braga, Jonathan Winters, Fernando Rey, Sammy Davis Jr., Michael Greene, Polly Holliday, Milton Gonçalves, Charo, Marianne Sägebrecht, Reinhard Kolldehoff
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