“Moscow on the Hudson” quotes

Movie Moscow on the Hudson
Paul Mazursky directed this movie in 1984
Title Moscow on the Hudson
Year 1984
Director Paul Mazursky
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
Interpreted by
Plot – Vladimir lives in Moscow working as a saxophonist in a circus. He lives in a cluttered apartment with his family his routine, until he's stopped by the KGB. Taking advantage of a tour in USA, Vladimir escapes, but he realizes very quickly American life is even worser than Russian's. The film would be a hymn to Western freedom, despite the oppressive climate of Eastern Europe countries.
All actors – Robin Williams, Maria Conchita Alonso, Cleavant Derricks, Alejandro Rey, Saveliy Kramarov, Elya Baskin, Oleg Rudnik, Aleksandr Benyaminov, Lyudmila Kramarevskaya, Ivo Vrzal-Wiegand, Natalya Ivanova, Tiger Haynes
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  • “Ladies and Gentlemen, good morning. Today you will become citizens of the United States of America. No longer are you an Englishman, Italian, a Pole or whatever, neither will you be a hyphenated American. From this day you are no longer a subject of a governement, but an intergal part of the government, a free man.”
    Rosetta LeNoire - The Judge
  • “- Vladimir Ivanoff: You don't look like marxist.
    - Veronica Cohen: I'm not. I'm a humanist. What does a marxist look like anyway?
    - Vladimir Ivanoff: Usually has beard, mustache.
    - Veronica Cohen: A-ha, the women too?
    - Vladimir Ivanoff: In Russia, especially women.”

    Robin Williams - Vladimir Ivanoff
    Stephanie Cotsirilos - Veronica Cohen
  • “In Moscow we fought for an inch of freedom! Here you take it and pour shit all over it.”
    Robin Williams - Vladimir Ivanoff
  • “This is New York City. A man can do whatever he wants.”
    Royce Rich - Bloomingdale's Cop
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  • “- Vladimir Ivanoff: I read about slavery.
    - Lionel Witherspoon: Yeah, with slavery at least the work was steady.
    - Vladimir Ivanoff: Sounds like Russia.”

    Robin Williams - Vladimir Ivanoff
    Cleavant Derricks - Lionel Witherspoon
  • - Orlando Ramirez: My father was called Orlando. He rolled the finest cigars in Havana. "Orlando el Rey", they called him... "Orlando the King". Then Castro came along and my father was on his ass.
    - Vladimir Ivanoff: Castro is a great man.
    - Orlando Ramirez: Castro is a Cuban bullshit artist who has been taken in by Russian bullshit artists!

    Alejandro Rey - Orlando Ramirez
    Robin Williams - Vladimir Ivanoff
  • “Yesterday I bought my first pair of American shoes. They were made in Italy.”
    Robin Williams - Vladimir Ivanoff
  • “Fags! Everywhere!”
    Cleavant Derricks - Lionel Witherspoon
  • “- Vladimir Ivanoff: That be two big Macs, one quarter pounder with cheese, six pieces chicken McNuggets, two boxes Ronald McDonald cookies, one order McFries, two chocolate McShakes. Meh that to go?
    - Woman in McDonalds: No, I eat it here.
    - Vladimir Ivanoff: Come back McSoon.”

    Robin Williams - Vladimir Ivanoff
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  • “An artist without freedom is like a bird without wings.”
    Elya Baskin - Anatoly
    [Tag:artist, freedom]
  • “May you find in this nation the fulfillment of your dreams of peace and security, and may America in turn never find you wanting in your new proud role of citizen of the United States. Will the petitioners please rise. Now let us take the oath of allegiance.”
    Rosetta LeNoire - The Judge
  • “This is a free country, welcome to almost anyone. And I'm hoping someday maybe you will join me here. Of course I will continue to write to you every week. Yes, in America almost anything is possible. Goodbye for now my beloved family. I love you. Voyia.”

    Robin Williams - Vladimir Ivanoff