“Moscow on the Hudson” quotes

Movie Moscow on the Hudson
Paul Mazursky directed this movie in 1984
Title Moscow on the Hudson
Year 1984
Director Paul Mazursky
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
Interpreted by
Plot – Vladimir lives in Moscow working as a saxophonist in a circus. He lives in a cluttered apartment with his family his routine, until he's stopped by the KGB. Taking advantage of a tour in USA, Vladimir escapes, but he realizes very quickly American life is even worser than Russian's. The film would be a hymn to Western freedom, despite the oppressive climate of Eastern Europe countries.
All actors – Robin Williams, Maria Conchita Alonso, Cleavant Derricks, Alejandro Rey, Saveliy Kramarov, Elya Baskin, Oleg Rudnik, Aleksandr Benyaminov, Lyudmila Kramarevskaya, Ivo Vrzal-Wiegand, Natalya Ivanova, Tiger Haynes
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