“My Last Love” quotes

Movie My Last Love
Title My Last Love
Year 1999
Director Michael Schultz
Genre Drama, Romance
Plot – Nancy is married and has a child, but one day she's diagnosed with a terminal illness. Nancy feels all the world falls apart, then she realizes she must fight the disease to preserve a future to her daughter.
All actors – Scott Bairstow, Philip Briggs, Viveka Davis, Nicole Fellows, Edith Fields, Mary-Pat Green, Jimmy Graham, Jack Merrill, James Karen, Heide Karp, Janet MacLachlan, Sharon Madden
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  • “- Susan's Mother: Is he still gay?
    - Susan Morton: No Mom, he took that new pill... Yes Mom.”

    Nancy Travis - Susan Morton
  • “- Zachary: I think that busboy's checking you out.
    - Susan Morton: The words every woman wants to hear!”

    Jack Merrill - Zachary
    Nancy Travis - Susan Morton
    [Tag:flirting, women]
  • “Can we not fight, because we haven't fought yet and I don't want it to be over something little like you've got cancer and I walked out on you?”

    Scott Bairstow - Michael Blake
  • “- Susan Morton: Michael. I'm not well, I have cancer.
    - Michael Blake: Is it bad?
    - Susan Morton: No, it's the good kind.”

    Nancy Travis - Susan Morton
    Scott Bairstow - Michael Blake
  • “- Susan Morton: Hey honey, how was school?
    - Carson Morton: The only girl who talked to me also talked to herself
    - Susan Morton: Oh see, I always told you you were special. You are the most interesting person other than her.”

    Nancy Travis - Susan Morton
    Jamie Renée Smith - Carson Morton