“Pacific Rim: Uprising” quotes

Movie Pacific Rim: Uprising
Title Pacific Rim: Uprising
Year 2018
Director Steven S. DeKnight
Genre Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action
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Plot – "Pacific Rim: Uprising" is set 10 years after the first movie. The Jaeger Gipsy Danger, with the help of the legendary Stacker Pentecost, has avoided the destruction of Earth and has successfully closed the Breach. Humanity is now living in peace, but the fear of a new Kaiju invasion is still present. The surveillance is constant, and the robots have been improved and given to a new generation of pilots. If a new menace arises, these new recruits called cadets, will have the responsibility to protect the world. Jake Pentecost, son of Stacker Pentecost, has left his army training and has become a criminal but when the world is in danger once again, he will have a chance to change his life thanks to his sister Mako Mori. In his adventures, he's joined by his rival Lambert and the 15-year-old hacker Amara.
All actors – John Boyega, Scott Eastwood, Cailee Spaeny, Burn Gorman, Charlie Day, Tian Jing, Jin Zhang, Adria Arjona, Rinko Kikuchi, Karan Brar, Wesley Wong, Ivanna Sakhno, Mackenyu, Lily Ji, Shyrley Rodriguez, Rahart Adams, Levi Meaden, Dustin Clare, Chen Zitong, Calvin Yu, Yongchen Qian, Zeppelin Hamilton, Jiaming Guo, Yingying Lan, Nick E. Tarabay, Shane Rangi, Jasper Bagg, Jai Day, Nick Satriano, Daniel Feuerriegel, Jaime Slater, Victor Matveev, Jeong-hoon Kim, Rumi Kikuchi, Louis Toshio Okada, Albert Li, Charles Napoleon An, Jim Punnett, Madeleine McGraw, Josh Stamberg, Stephanie Allynne, Luke Judy, Bridger Zadina, Tim Johnson Jr., Ellen McLain, Erik Aadahl, Nancy Nugent, Charles Bai, Amanda Benson, Gunbold Gunnar Bold, Alice Chen, Linda Chien, Tor Dollhouse, Akira Fujii, Jessica Gould, Karen Gould, Bruce Guo, Wayne Huang, Samantha Jean, Beau Jones, John Jumane, Sam Kalidi, Anna Ladner, Marisa Lamonica, Michael McHugh, Jeffrey Mercado-Libunao, Daniel Millar, George Mulis, Dan MurfeeDee Murphy, Luke Owen, Rajeev Pahuja, Jip Panosot, Sharon Parkes, Mona Rhys, Frazer Ruddick, Marco Sinigaglia, Angie Tricker, Eric Utomo, Kyle Whalley, Bill K. Wilson, Karim Zreika
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  • “- Hermann Gottlieb: What did you just do?
    - Dr. Newton Geiszler: What I've been planning the last ten years...I'm ending the world.”

    Burn Gorman - Hermann Gottlieb
    Charlie Day - Dr. Newton Geiszler
  • “Everyone else seemed to be a little preoccupied with the killer drones your boss just set up!”
    Burn Gorman - Hermann Gottlieb
    [Tag:danger, robot, worry]
  • When I first joined the Corp, I was just like you. Worse, I was nobody. But that woman we laid to rest today, Mako Mori, she said: "Whoever you are, the minute you enter this program, you join a family. And no matter what they do, no matter how stupid they may act sometimes, you forgive them and you move on". So you start believing that, in... (continue)(continue reading)
    Scott Eastwood - Nate Lambert
  • My generation, we were born into war. Giantmonsters attacked our world. We called them, "Kaiju". They came from the Breach, a gateway to another dimension, at the bottom of the PacificOcean. Sent by an alien race, Precursors. We fought back, building our own monsters..."Jaegers". Giantrobots, so big they needed two pilots. My father was one... (continue)(continue reading)
    John Boyega - Jake Pentecost
    [Tag:father, monster, war]
  • - Jake Pentecost: Gottlieb, what does that mean? "In theory"?
    - Hermann Gottlieb: Today... it means, "Yes!".

    John Boyega - Jake Pentecost
    Burn Gorman - Hermann Gottlieb
  • “- Jake Pentecost: You ready for this?
    - Nate Lambert: No! You?
    - Jake Pentecost: No. On three.
    - Nate Lambert: Great.
    - Jake Pentecost: One, two...”

    John Boyega - Jake Pentecost
    Scott Eastwood - Nate Lambert