“Snatched” quotes

Movie Snatched
Title Snatched
Year 2017
Director Jonathan Levine
Genre Comedy, Adventure, Action
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Plot – Emily Middleton plans to take a vacation in South America with her boyfriend Michael, a budding musician. When he refuses and breaks up with her, Emily gets back to her mother's place to give her Micheal's non-refundable ticket. The action starts when Linda, a wary and anxious woman that loves her life in the countryside, decides to go with her daughter to Ecuador and embark in this adventurous journey. At the beginning, their relationship is put in jeopardy by their contrasting characters but then they eventually get trapped by the infamous Morgado and kidnapped by a gang of criminals. When even the local authorities give up on them, the differences between the two women will be the key for them to reach safety.
All actors – Amy Schumer, Kim Caramele, Raven Goodwin, Katie Dippold, Randall Park, Goldie Hawn, Ike Barinholtz, Luis R. Espinoza, Luis F. Ramirez, Daniel Bess, Wanda Sykes, Joan Cusack, Moani Hara, Tom Bateman, Fidel Salcido, Carlos Diaz, Damion Scandrick, Andre Derizans, Nicholas J. Lockwood, Óscar Jaenada, Modesto Cordero, Bashir Salahuddin, Sergio Sanchez, Christopher Meloni, Jason Quinn, Arturo Castro, Pedro Haro, Linda Molina, Al Madrigal, Erik-Alexander Sanchez, Tom Choi, Kevin Kane, Jenny Babas, Miguel A. Baez Jr., Sharon M. Bell, Francis Benhamou, Raj K. Bose, Jamison Bright, Svitlana Campbell, Hélène Cardona, Romualdo Castillo, Sasha Chuidian, Wolf Lee Counsel, Victoria Current, Emmanuel Dejesus, Shaun Dunnigan, Cody Easterbrook, Leighton Hara, Cat Limket, Shawn McBride, Richard Par, Andre Pelzer, Ty Quiamboa, Sandy Ritz, Scott M. Schewe, Andrea Elizabeth Sikkink, David James Sikkink, Rebecca Teresia, Crichton Uale, Lucas Velazquez, Scott Wallace, John A Weaver
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