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Movie Target
Title Target
Year 1985
Director Arthur Penn
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Adventure, Mystery, Action
Plot – Eager to see Paris, Donna Lloyd, an attractive American woman, leaves her husband Walter and her 20-year-old son Chris for a short time. However, she is kidnapped in Paris. Although Walter and Chris have a difficult relationship, they immediately leave for Europe. In Paris the harmless merchant Walter contacts a friend who promises him assistance: the friend is a former colleague of Walter who, to Chris's immense surprise, is an ex-CIA agent who left the agency years before. The two are headed for an endless series of obstacles and troubles. Already at the airport someone shoots a stranger who approaches Walter and shows him his wife's bracelet. Soon after, between acrobatic car races, stalking and attacks, the two Americans are being targeted by two different organizations, against which the CIA seems unable to do anything. Following the advice of a former colonel, they arrive in East Berlin to look for a certain Schroeder, probably the woman's kidnapper and a former East German agent and sworn enemy of Walter, who they finally manage to contact. Schroeder, now an old man and in a wheelchair, accuses Walter of having killed his wife and two sons as part of a certain "Operation Broom", which ended in a massacre of agents. Walter denies the accusation, since at the time he was working in an office, so someone else was responsible for the massacre. Schroeder ends up believing what Walter says and tells the American where his wife is, in a shed tied to a chair rigged with explosives. At this point, the CIA Paris chief and his men arrive on site. It is the Paris CIA station chief who is actually the author of the massacre that Schroeder complained about; the mysterious attacks and obstacles that Walter encountered in Paris and Hamburg were intended to eliminate those who knew too much. Walter frees his wife from her bonds and they and their son escape, while Schroeder takes revenge on his real enemy, blowing up the shed and dying with him in a dreadful fire.
All actors – Gene Hackman, Matt Dillon, Gayle Hunnicutt, Randy Moore, Ilona Grübel, Tomas Hnevsa, Jean-Pol Dubois, Robert Ground, Véronique Guillaud, Charlotte Bailey, James Selby, Ray Fry
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