“Shakedown” quotes

Movie Shakedown
Title Shakedown
Year 1988
Director James Glickenhaus
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Action
Plot – Roland Dalton, a successful lawyer who is engaged to the rich and charming Gail, decides to help his former girlfriend Susan, who has taken the defense of a drug dealer charged with the murder of a policeman. Roland definitely should not get involved in what is likely to become an uncomfortable and negative case for his brilliant career. However, Susan is definitely attractive while Gail, despite her charm and money, is one who believes that Jimi Hendrix was a heavy metal singer.
All actors – Richard Brooks, Jude Ciccolella, George Loros, Thomas G. Waites, Daryl Edwards, Jos Laniado, Peter Weller, Blanche Baker, John C. McGinley, Patricia Charbonneau, Shirley Stoler, Walter Flanagan
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  • “I met the love of my life... only I killed her dog before I got the chance to tell her.”
    Sam Elliott - Richie Marks
    [Tag:dogs, killing, meeting]
  • “- Roland Dalton: Happy is the fleeting hope of youth.
    - Richie Marks: Who said that?
    - Roland Dalton: Me.”

    Peter Weller - Roland Dalton
    Sam Elliott - Richie Marks
    [Tag:happiness, hope, youth]
  • “- Gail Feinberger: Don't you think it's a little early in the morning for heavy metal?
    - Roland Dalton: Gail, Gail, honey, sweetie, I love you, I'm gonna marry you, but you are making me feel very old. This is not heavy metal. This is Hendrix. Genius, maybe, but this is definitely not heavy metal.”

    Blanche Baker - Gail Feinberger
    Peter Weller - Roland Dalton
    [Tag:music, old age]
  • “Once upon a time all I planned to do was play the tenor sax. Forever. That's it. Fillsville, man. But my dad and everybody said I was a sap, there was no money in it, so I go to law school, and I am here now, gone from another place. But I could play the tenor sax all day and all night. Everything was possible. And I was very certain that at any...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Peter Weller - Roland Dalton
  • “Richie, I love you man, but you are definitely new to the planet!”
    Peter Weller - Roland Dalton
  • - Richie Marks: You know what this is?
    - Tommie: It's a gun! It's a gun!
    - Richie Marks: Yeah, and you're a fuckin' genius! Now listen up. This gun is clean, no serial number. So if I blow out what's left of your brain and chuck it in the EastRiver, your case is closed. The people downtown are gonna file you under DSAF, "Did Society A Favor".... (continue)
    (continue reading)
    Sam Elliott - Richie Marks
    Harold Perrineau - Tommie
    [Tag:killing, weapons]