“Flashpoint” quotes

Movie Flashpoint
Title Flashpoint
Year 1984
Director William Tannen
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Action
Plot – Logan and Ernie are two agents of the US Border Patrol. Logan is one of the most valiant war veteran and he's a good agent. Tired of the city, he has chosen to work at the Mexican border. Ernie is younger, idealistic but dutiful. They discover a wrecked car, the skeleton of a person died back in 1963, a suitcase with 800,000 dollars and a high-precision rifle. They are tempted to escape and change their lives, but they are involved in a dramatic series of events regarding John Kennedy's murder.
All actors – Kris Kristofferson, Treat Williams, Rip Torn, Kevin Conway, Kurtwood Smith, Miguel Ferrer, Jean Smart, Guy Boyd, Mark Slade, Roberts Blossom, Tess Harper, Terry Alexander
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