“The Courier” quotes

Movie The Courier
Title The Courier
Year 2020
Director Dominic Cooke
Genre Thriller
Interpreted by
Plot – The Courier (also known as Ironbark) is a 2020 historical drama film. Based on a true story it follows British businessman Greville Wynne , who is recruited into one of the greatest international conflicts in history. He helped the MI6 penetrate the Soviet nuclear programme during the Cold War and formed a dangerous partnership with Soviet Officer Oleg Penkovsky, providing crucial intelligence that ended the Cuban Missile Crisis.
All actors – Vladimir Chuprikov, Merab Ninidze, James Schofield, Fred Haig, Emma Penzina, Mariya Mironova, Rachel Brosnahan, Anton Lesser, Angus Wright, Benedict Cumberbatch, David Bark-Jones, Charles Walters, Miles Richardson, Keir Hills, Jessie Buckley
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