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  • “- Michael McCarty: You are a salesman, sir.
    - Walter Sullivan: Selling sin is easy.”

    Richard Jenkins - Michael McCarty
    E.G. Marshall - Walter Sullivan
    [Tag:salesmanship, sin]
  • “25% off. Everything must go. Maybe even you. ”
    Katt Williams - Money Mike
    [Tag:salesmanship, threat]
  • “- Popeye: How much is the broccoli?
    - Geezil: Nickel, maybe dime.
    - Popeye: And the spinach?
    - Geezil: Dime, maybe quarter.
    - Popeye: Then how come carrots is a dollar?
    - Geezil: Dollar fifty. You buy what I don't feel like selling will cost you two dollars.”

    Robin Williams - Popeye
    Richard Libertini - Geezil
    [Tag:money, salesmanship, vegetables]
  • - Reggie: You're letting too many customers walk. I want to hear some of their excuses. Try and stump me. I have an answer for everything. Come on!
    - Javier: "I'm just looking".
    - Reggie: I'm just selling. Can't really look at a car unless you drive it. Next.
    - Ali: "I think I can get a better deal somewhere else".
    - Reggie: Sir, we all pay the... (continue)
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    Daniel Benzali - Reggie
    Daniel Villarreal - Javier
    David Poland - Ali
    Louis Mandylor - Bobby Deluca
    [Tag:answers, business, salesmanship]
  • “- John Sculley: We'd be talking about the most tectonic shift in the status quo since...
    - Steve Jobs: ...ever.”

    Jeff Daniels - John Sculley
    Michael Fassbender - Steve Jobs
    [Tag:computer, equality, salesmanship]
  • “- Arthur Rock: What the hell makes you think you can get him? Why would he ever leave Pepsi?
    - Steve Jobs: Nobody remembers the world best soda salesman.”

    J. K. Simmons - Arthur Rock
    Ashton Kutcher - Steve Jobs
    [Tag:fame, salesmanship]
  • “- Tommy: Oh yeah... We don't take no for an answer! We don't take no for an answer...
    [Tommy and Richard have just finished a presentation]
    - 'No' Manager: No.
    - Tommy: Okey-dokey.
    - 'No' Manager: No.
    - Tommy: Gotcha. Thanks.
    - 'No' Manager: [shaking his head 'no'] Mmmm-mmmm.
    - Tommy: Terrific! Thanks for your time.”

    Chris Farley - Tommy
    Robert K. Weiss - No' Manager
    Reg Dreger - No' Manager
    Lloyd White - No' Manager
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  • “- Big Jim: I ain't never sold no damn cars before.
    - Rudy: It's easy Jim. All you have to do is get them in that car. Nothing sells a car better than a car itself. Now remember this you have to get their confidence, get their friendship, get their trust. Then get their money.”

    Frank McRae - Jim the Mechanic
    Kurt Russell - Rudy Russo
    [Tag:salesmanship, strategy, trust]
  • “A bad salesman will automatically drop his price. Bad salesmen make me sick.”
    Danny DeVito - Sam Stone
    [Tag:ability, price, salesmanship]
  • “- Big Jim: See the nice red upholstery?
    - Mr. Books: Yes, nice, very nice.
    - Big Jim: Here, feel it.
    - Mr. Books: I don't want to feel it.
    - Big Jim: Feel it, I want you to get in the car and feel it.
    - Mr. Books: I don't want to get in the car.
    - Big Jim: Awww, get in the mother-fuckin' car man!”

    Frank McRae - Jim the Mechanic
    Gene Blakely - Mr. Books
    [Tag:cars, rudeness, salesmanship]
  • “I joined Brown & Williamson, came up through sales. I was the best salesman they ever had, and do you know why? I never made a promise I couldn't keep.”
    Sir Michael Gambon - Thomas Sandefur
    [Tag:promises, salesmanship]
  • Here's a little item I think you might go for in a big way - Dragonteeth mines. Made in the US and used successfully in Vietnam, I might add. These little honeys won't kill ya', but they're guaranteed to take a foot off. Take a couple of samples, take 'em home, see if you like'em, let me know how many you need. Okay?”

    Chevy Chase - Eddie Muntz
    [Tag:salesmanship, weapons]
  • “- Insurance Salesman: It's not really what I'm selling. But what I have to offer.
    - Thane Furrows: What do you have to offer that happens to cost money?
    - Insurance Salesman: I offer security.
    - Thane Furrows: Insurance.”

    Fred Willard - Insurance Salesman
    Steve Oedekerk - Thane Furrows
    [Tag:insurance, safety, salesmanship]
  • “I hate salesmen. I always have hated salesmen, I always will hate salesmen. They are the ultimate slime of the Earth. I hate being around them. I'd rather brush my teeth and drink orange juice.”
    Steve Oedekerk - Thane Furrows
    [Tag:hatred, salesmanship]
  • - Sean: "I have to check with my wife".
    - Reggie: What's the phone number? We'll call her right now.
    - Bobby: "I have to look a couple other cars first".
    - Reggie: Why? Consumer Reports, Car and Driver, Triple AAA: they've looked all the cars for you and they say this one's the best!

    Darren Gray Ward - Sean
    Daniel Benzali - Reggie
    Louis Mandylor - Bobby Deluca
    [Tag:answers, business, salesmanship]
  • “Do you know he's one of the richest men in the country? And he got that way selling cheap gags and Halloween masks. Oh God, there's hope for us yet.”

    Jadeen Barbor - Betty Kupfer
    [Tag:salesmanship, wealth]