“Get Out” quotes

Movie Get Out
Title Get Out
Year 2017
Director Jordan Peele
Genre Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Plot – Get Out tells the story of Chris Washington, a young afroamerican photographer and artist from New York, who's in a relationship with a white girl, Rose Armitage. The couple wants to bring their relationship to the next level and Rose decides to introduce Chris to her parents, Missy and Dan, during a long weekend. As soon as he gets to the place were the Armitage family lives, Chris immediately starts to suspect that something is wrong and can't help but notice that his future parents-in-law don't seem to be happy about their daughter's interratial relationship. He also realizes that many black people have disappeared in the area and his suspictions turn out to be justified.
All actors – Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Catherine Keener, Bradley Whitford, Caleb Landry Jones, Marcus Henderson, Betty Gabriel, Lakeith Stanfield, Stephen Root, LilRel Howery, Ashley LeConte Campbell, John Wilmot, Caren L. Larkey, Julie Ann Doan, Rutherford Cravens, Geraldine Singer, Yasuhiko Oyama, Richard Herd, Erika Alexander, Jeronimo Spinx, Ian Casselberry, Trey Burvant, John Donohue, Sean Paul Braud, Zailand Adams, Jana Allen, Michael Amstutz, Mark Baynard Baggs, Lyle Brocato, Jamie Gliddon, Keegan-Michael Key, Ben Ladner, Gary Wayne Loper, Matthew McCrocklin, Evan Shafran, Brad Spiers, Jack Teague, Lory Tom Thompson Sr., Tahj Vaughans
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  • “- Dean Armitage: What is your purpose, Chris?
    - Chris Washington: What?
    - Dean Armitage: In life. What is your purpose?
    - Chris Washington: Right now, it's finding those keys.
    - Dean Armitage: Fire. It's a reflection of our own mortality. We're born, we breathe, and we die.
    - Chris Washington: Rose?
    - Rose Armitage: I'm looking.
    - Dean Armitage:...” (continue)
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    Bradley Whitford - Dean Armitage
    Daniel Kaluuya - Chris Washington
    Allison Williams - Rose Armitage
  • “Life can be a sick joke. One day you're developing prints in the darkroom and the next day you wake up - in the dark. Genetic disease.”
    Stephen Root - Jim Hudson
    [Tag:disease, life]
  • “- Rod Williams: I'm mad at you because you never take my advice.
    - Chris Washington: Like what?
    - Rod Williams: Like don't go to a white girl's parents' house. What is she doin'? Lickin' your balls or somethin'?”

    Lil Rel Howery - Rod Williams
    Daniel Kaluuya - Chris Washington
  • “- Dean Armitage: You're gonna love this. My Dad's claim to fame. He was beat by Jesse Owens in the qualifying round for the Berlin Olympics in 1936. Those were the ones where...
    - Chris Washington: Where Owens won in front of Hitler.
    - Dean Armitage: Yeah, what a moment. What a moment. I mean, Hitler was up there with all those perfect Aryan...” (continue)
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    Bradley Whitford - Dean Armitage
    Daniel Kaluuya - Chris Washington
  • “Fair skin has been in favor for, what, the past hundreds of years. But, now the pendulum has swung back. Black is in fashion!”
    Rutherford Cravens - Parker Dray
  • “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”
    Jordan Peele - UNCF PSA Narrator
  • “- Dean Armitage: By the way, I would have voted for Obama for a third term, if I could. Best President in my lifetime, hands down.
    - Chris Washington: I agree.”

    Bradley Whitford - Dean Armitage
    Daniel Kaluuya - Chris Washington
  • Believe me, the irony of being a blind art dealer isn't lost on me.”
    Stephen Root - Jim Hudson
    [Tag:job, passion]
  • “- Jim Hudson: Ignorance.
    - Chris Washington: Who?
    - Jim Hudson: All of 'em. They mean well, but, they have no idea what real people will go through.”

    Stephen Root - Jim Hudson
    Daniel Kaluuya - Chris Washington
  • “- Georgina: I owe you an apology. How rude of me to have touched your belongs without asking.
    - Chris Washington: Oh, no. That's cool. I was just confused.
    - Georgina: Well, I can assure you, there was no - funny business.”

    Betty Gabriel - Georgina
    Daniel Kaluuya - Chris Washington
  • “Please don't lump me in with that, you know, I could give a shit what color you are. No, what I want is deeper. I want your eye, man. I want those things you see through.”

    Stephen Root - Jim Hudson
    [Tag:blindness, eyes]
  • “- Chris Washington: I didn't get to met you, actually, up close. I'm Chris.
    - Walter: I know who you are. She is lovely, isn't she?
    - Chris Washington: Rose? Yes, she is.
    - Walter: One of a kind. Top of the line! A real doggone keeper.”

    Daniel Kaluuya - Chris Washington
    Marcus Henderson - Walter
  • “- Missy Armitage: Something to lighten the mood.
    - Dean Armitage: Yes, yeah, let's get this party back on track. How about sparklers and Bingo?”

    Catherine Keener - Missy Armitage
    Bradley Whitford - Dean Armitage
    [Tag:amusement, party]
  • “- Chris Washington: Do they know I'm - Do they know I'm black?
    - Rose Armitage: No. Should they?
    - Chris Washington: It seems like something you might want to, you know, mention.
    - Rose Armitage: Mom and Dad, my black boyfriend will be coming up this weekend and I just don't want you to be shocked that he's a black man - a black.
    - Chris...” (continue)
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    Daniel Kaluuya - Chris Washington
    Allison Williams - Rose Armitage
  • You know what I say? I say one down, a couple hundred thousand to go. I don't mean to get on my high horse, but I'm telling you, I do not like the deer. I'm sick of it; they're taking over. They're like rats. They're destroying the ecosystem. I see a dead deer on the side of the road and I think, "That's a start".
    Bradley Whitford - Dean Armitage
    [Tag:animals, death]
  • “All I know is sometimes, if there's too many white folks, I get nervous, you know.”
    Daniel Kaluuya - Chris Washington
  • “- Chris Washington: You're all I got. I'm not going to leavehere without you. I'm not going to abandon you here.
    - Rose Armitage: You're not?
    - Chris Washington: No. No, not. No.”

    Daniel Kaluuya - Chris Washington
    Allison Williams - Rose Armitage