“The Escort” quotes

Movie The Escort
Title The Escort
Year 2015
Director Will Slocombe
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
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Plot – Mitch, a journalist obsessed with sex, convinces Natalie to follow him around during the day. She's an escort and Mitch is working on a report. Initially she's reluctant, but then Natalie uses the man as bodyguard.
All actors – Lyndsy Fonseca, Michael Doneger, Tommy Dewey, Bruce Campbell, Rachel Resheff, Rumer Willis, Benita Robledo, Sonya Walger, Juan Carlos Cantu, Iqbal Theba, Dean Chekvala, Anna Konkle
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  • “- Natalie: I thought it was poor form to bring your work home with you.
    - Mitch: Well, you're a presentable piece of work.”

    Lyndsy Fonseca - Natalie
    Michael Doneger - Mitch
    [Tag:beauty, irony, job]
  • “- Natalie: Sure, you can buy me a drink.
    - Mitch: Good to know.
    - Natalie: Is that how you treat a lady who shows interest?
    - Mitch: You asked for a free drink. You didn't show interest.
    - Natalie: Were you expecting a blow job right out of the gate?”

    Lyndsy Fonseca - Natalie
    Michael Doneger - Mitch
  • “- Natalie: You don't want to get to know each other first?
    - Mitch: Before I buy you a drink or before the blow job?”

    Lyndsy Fonseca - Natalie
    Michael Doneger - Mitch
  • “- Mitch: Okay, look, my family thinks that I'm kind of like, a big fuck-up, and, well, you're smart and pretty and personable. And if I were to bring someone like you home, they'd, you know, think I'm getting my shit together.
    - Natalie: You think I'm pretty?”

    Michael Doneger - Mitch
    Lyndsy Fonseca - Natalie
    [Tag:beauty, family]