“The Hudsucker Proxy” quotes

Movie The Hudsucker Proxy
Joel Coen, Ethan Coen directed this movie in 1994
Title The Hudsucker Proxy
Year 1994
Directors Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
Genre Drama, Comedy, Fantasy
Plot – Norville Barnes is a reckless young graduate from Muncie. He's hired as office boy in the big toys firm 'Hudsucker'. As the owner commits suicide, Norville is promoted President by Sidney Mussburger, who wants Barnes to cause the collapse of the actions so that he can repurchase the firm. A journalist, Amy Archer, manages to get hired at Hudsucker's and soon she realizes Norville is not the idiot he seems. He creates the hula hoop which is very successful in fact and the success itself excites Barnes, who becomes a selfish man. Buzz, the elevator operator, shows Norville his invention - the bendable straw - but the manager fires him. In revenge, Buzz claims he himself has invented the hula hoop and Mussburger fires Barnes for unworthiness.
All actors – Tim Robbins, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Paul Newman, Charles Durning, John Mahoney, Jim True-Frost, Bill Cobbs, Bruce Campbell, Harry Bugin, John Seitz, Joe Grifasi, Roy Brocksmith, John Wylie, I.M. Hobson, Gary Allen, John Scanlan, Richard Woods, Jerome Dempsey, Peter McPherson, David Byrd, Christopher Darga, Patrick Cranshaw, Robert Weil, Mary Lou Rosato, Ernest Sarracino, Eleanor Glockner, Kathleen Perkins, Joseph Marcus, Peter Gallagher, Noble Willingham, Barbara Ann Grimes, Thom Noble, Steve Buscemi, William Duff-Griffin, Anna Nicole Smith, Pamela Everett, Arthur Bridgers, Sam Raimi, John Cameron, Skipper Duke, Jay Kapner, Jon Polito, Richard Whiting, Linda McCoy, Stan Adams, John Goodman, Joanne Pankow, Mario Todisco, Colin Fickes, Dick Sasso, Jesse Brewer, Philip Loch, Stan Lichtenstein, Todd Alcott, Ace O'Connell, Richard Schiff, Frank Jeffreys, Lou Criscuolo, Michael Earl Reid, Mike Starr, David Hagar, Willie Reale, Harvey Meyer, Tom Toner, David Fawcett, Jeff Still, David Gould, Gil Pearson, Marc Garber, David Massie, Mark Jeffrey Miller, Peter Siragusa, Nelson George, Mike Houlihan, Ed Lillard, Wantland Sandel, James Deuter, Roderick Peeples, Cynthia Baker, Catherine Bayley, Bryan Keith DeBose, Steve Head, Jack Rooney, Keith Schrader
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