“The Evil Dead” quotes

Movie The Evil Dead
Sam Raimi directed this movie in 1981
Title The Evil Dead
Year 1981
Director Sam Raimi
Genre Horror
Plot – A group of friends, two young men and three girls, decides to spend the weekend in a remote cottage in the woods of Michigan. Warning and disturbing signs appear along the road and on the threshold of the house, but the youngsters do not pay any attention to them. Once inside the house, they are intrigued by a trap door that mysteriously opens on its own and without hesitation they enter it and start rummaging in the dusty cellar. Among cobwebs and mouldy scraps, they find an ancient book bound in parchment and an old tape recorder. These objects, which once belonged to a Sumerian cabal archaeologist, contain the formulas to make the souls of the damned return to earth and to evoke hideous Sabbaths. When the five friends listen to the archaeologist's voice on the tape scan the magic words, demons which have lain dormant for centuries unleash their force and evil takes over.
All actors – Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, Richard DeManincor, Betsy Baker, Theresa Tilly, Philip A. Gillis, Dorothy Tapert, Cheryl Guttridge, Barbara Carey, David Horton, Wendall Thomas, Don Long, Stu Smith, Kurt Rauf, Ted Raimi, Ivan Raimi, Bill Vincent, Mary Beth Tapert, Scott Spiegel, John Cameron, Joanne Kruse, Gwen Cochanski, Debie Jarczewski, Bob Dorian, Sam Raimi, Robert G. Tapert
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