“Dawn of the Dead” quotes

Movie Dawn of the Dead
George A. Romero directed this movie in 1978
Title Dawn of the Dead
Year 1978
Director George A. Romero
Genre Sci-Fi, Horror
Interpreted by
Plot – Zombies have invaded the United States and terror is spreading. Four fearless people - two soldiers, one white and one black, and two television network employees, a man and a woman - try to escape by helicopter. However, a fuel shortage forces them to land on the roof of a huge supermarket, which is already occupied by the zombies. While the living dead try to overpower them, the four - after having erected a safe barrier between themselves and their attackers - manage to build a refuge in the supermarket, where they lay low for better times. Unfortunately a biker gang discovers them and they are followed by the zombies. Only the black man and the woman, who is pregnant, survive the final carnage.
All actors – David Emge, Ken Foree, Scott H. Reiniger, Gaylen Ross, David Crawford, David Early, Richard France, Howard Smith, Daniel Dietrich, Fred Baker, James A. Baffico, Rod Stouffer, Jese Del Gre, Clayton McKinnon, John Rice, Ted Bank, Randy Kovitz, Patrick McCloskey, Joseph Pilato, Pasquale Buba, Tony Buba, Butchie, Dave Hawkins, Tom Kapusta, Rudy Ricci, Tom Savini, Marty Schiff, Joe Shelby, Taso N. Stavrakis, Nick Tallo, Larry Vaira, Sharon Ceccatti, Pam Chatfield, Mike Christopher, Clayton Hill, Jay Stover, Joe Abeln, John Amplas, Liz Augenstein, Joey Baffico, Ben Barenholtz, Dave Bartholomew, Zilla Clinton, Motorcycle Club The Pagans, John Cosgrove, Susan Cosgrove, Lee Cummings, Jim Edemensen, Chet Flippo, J. Clifford Forrest Jr., Christine Forrest, Cliff Forrest, Ingeborg Forrest, Nancy Friedman, Roy Frumkes, Ron Gibson, Michael Gornick, Barry Gress, John Harrison, Chuck Hoffman, Michael James, Jeannie Jefferies, Susan Kilmartin, Vic Kleinman, Walt Kravo, Jim Krut, Tommy Lafitte, Ralph Langer, Robert Langer, Maxine Lapiduss, Ed Letteri, Lenny Lies, Michael Lies, Barbara Lifsher, Frank Mamone, Nicholas Mastandrea, Molly McCloskey, Doug Mertz, Robert V. Michelucci, Bob Miller, Ken Nagin, Jack Pappalardo, Jeff Paul, John Paul, Donald Pollock, Sukey Raphael, E. Butler Richards, Russell L. Richards, George A. Romero, Donald Rubinstein, Katherine Rubinstein, Donna Savini, Mike Savini, Frank A. Serrao, Warner Shook, Stephen M. Silverman, Ralph Tallo, Bobbi Van Eman, Sara Venable, Vincent Vok, Billie Walters, Vickie Walters, Robert Williams, Laura Ziemba
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  • “Every dead body that is not exterminated becomes one of them. It gets up and kills! The people it kills get up and kill!”

    David Crawford - Dr. Foster
    [Tag:killing, zombie]
  • “- Roger: Why did these people keep them here?
    - Peter: Beause they still believe there's respect in dying.”

    Scott H. Reiniger - Roger
    Ken Foree - Peter
    [Tag:death, respect]
  • “This isn't the Republicans versus the Democrats, where we're in a hole economically or... or we're in another war. This is more crucial than that. This is down to the line, folks, this is down to the line. There can be no more divisions among the living!”

    Richard France - Scientist
    [Tag:politics, war, zombie]
  • “The normal question, the first question is always, are these cannibals? No, they are not cannibals. Cannibalism in the true sense of the word implies an intrapecies activity. These creatures cannot be considered human. They prey on humans. They do not prey on each other - that's the difference.”

    Richard France - Scientist
  • “They kill for one reason: they kill for food. They eat their victims, you understand that, Mr. Berman? That's what keeps them going!”

    David Crawford - Dr. Foster
    [Tag:eating, food, killing]
  • “People aren't willing to accept your solutions, doctor, and I for one don't blame them!”
    David Early - Mr. Berman
    [Tag:blame, solutions]
  • “They use... consume maybe 5% of the food available in the human body. With that small amount, the body is usual intact enough to be mobile when it revives.”

    Richard France - Scientist
    [Tag:body, eating, zombie]
  • “- Francine: What are they doing? Why do they come here?
    - Stephen: Some kind of instinct. Memory of what they used to do. This was an important place in their lives.”

    Gaylen Ross - Francine
    David Emge - Stephen
  • “This situation must be controlled before it's too late. They're multiplying too rapidly!”

    David Crawford - Dr. Foster
    [Tag:control, zombie]
  • “Attention all shoppers. If you have a sweet tooth, we have a special treat for you. If your purchases in the next half hour amount to five dollars or more, we'll give you a bag of hard candy free! For the kiddies, or enjoy yourself. So hurry and do your shopping!”
    Christine Forrest - Monroeville Mall Announcer
  • “- Peter: She looks sick.
    - Roger: Come on, wouldn't you be?
    - Peter: No, man, I mean she really looks ill.
    - Stephen: She's pregnant.”

    Ken Foree - Peter
    Scott H. Reiniger - Roger
    David Emge - Stephen
  • “We must think logically. We must deal with his crisis logically, with calm and unemotional response! We have to remain rational. We have to remain logical.”
    Richard France - Scientist
    [Tag:logic, reality]
  • “If there was ever a time a decision had to be made, it's now, now!”
    Richard France - Scientist
  • “You never point a gun at anyone, mister. Scary, isn't it? Isn't it?”

    Ken Foree - Peter
    [Tag:fear, weapons]
  • “Many have died, last week, on these streets. In the basement of this building, you will find them. I have given them the last rites. Now, you do what you will. You are stronger than us. But soon, I think they be stronger than you. When the dead walk, señores, we must stop the killing... or lose the war.”
    Jese Del Gre - Old Priest
    [Tag:death, strength, war]
  • “One-stop shopping: everything you need, right at your fingertips.”
    Scott H. Reiniger - Roger
  • “- Roger: What's the problem, officer?
    - Officer at Police Dock: We caught your friends here stealing company gasoline.
    - Roger: What do you mean, friends?
    - Stephen: They know, Rog. They're running too.
    - Officer at Police Dock: Now it would be crazy to startshooting at each other.
    - Roger: It sure would.”

    Scott H. Reiniger - Roger
    Joseph Pilato - Officer at Police Dock
    David Emge - Stephen
    [Tag:theft, threat]
  • “- TV Commentator: You scientists are supposed to come up with a way of solving this problem rather than feeding the opposition? It doesn't make any sense.
    - Scientist: Well, I can think of another alternative. Since these things seem to congregate in heavily populated areas and since we have not touched upon any of our nuclear resources... why...” (continue)
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    Howard Smith - TV Commentator
    Richard France - Scientist
  • “We've got to survive! Somebody's got to survive!”
    David Emge - Stephen
  • “Stephen, I'm afraid. You're hypnotized by this place. All of you! You don't see that it's not a sanctuary, it's a prison! Let's just take what we need and get out of here!”
    Gaylen Ross - Francine
    [Tag:fear, prison]
  • “You're not running a talk showhere, Mr. Berman! You can forget pitching an audience the moral bullshit they want to hear!”
    David Crawford - Dr. Foster