“The Gods Must Be Crazy II” quotes

Movie The Gods Must Be Crazy II
Title The Gods Must Be Crazy II
Year 1989
Director Jamie Uys
Genre Comedy
All actors – N!xau, Lena Farugia, Hans Strydom, Eiros, Nadies, Erick Bowen, Treasure Tshabalala, Pierre van Pletzen, Lourens Swanepoel, Richard Loring, Lesley Fox, Simon Sabela
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  • “All right, you can have this one, but no more! Leave the can! Do you hear me?”

    Lena Farugia - Dr. Ann Taylor
    [Tag:animals, water]
  • “You are my prisoner! I'm gonna report you to the Geneva convention!”

    Erick Bowen - Mateo
  • “- Brenner: You bugged the compass, you stupid idiot!
    - George: Oh, geez, boss, I'm sorry. I wasn't think...
    - Brenner: Stop the bloody truck.”

    Lourens Swanepoel - Brenner
    Pierre van Pletzen - George
  • “- Mateo: All right, I'm your goddamn prisoner!
    - Timi: I don't want you... you're a shitty prisoner.”

    Erick Bowen - Mateo
    Treasure Tshabalala - Timi
  • “- Timi: You know why a compass has a mirror on the back?
    - Mateo: Why?
    - Timi: So you can see who's lost.”

    Treasure Tshabalala - Timi
    Erick Bowen - Mateo