“The Idolmaker” quotes

Movie The Idolmaker
Taylor Hackford directed this movie in 1980
Title The Idolmaker
Year 1980
Director Taylor Hackford
Genre Drama, Romance, Music, Biography
All actors – Ray Sharkey, Tovah Feldshuh, Peter Gallagher, Paul Land, Joe Pantoliano, Maureen McCormick, John Aprea, Richard Bright, Olympia Dukakis, Steve Peck, Leonard Gaines, Deney Terrio
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  • “Hey, I'm not dumb! You don't even know me and you call me dumb. Wanna know what's dumb? The last eight covers in a row you did on Elvis in the army, with the badges? That's dumb. And that's boring.”

    Ray Sharkey - Vincent Vacarri
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  • “True sex comes from between your ears, not from between your legs.”
    Ray Sharkey - Vincent Vacarri
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