“Breakin'” quotes

Movie Breakin'
Title Breakin'
Year 1984
Director Joel Silberg
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance, Music
Interpreted by
Plot – Kelly works as waitress in a diner. She loves to dance and takes some classes, but as the teacher gives her too much attentions, she leaves. Her black friend Adam introduces her to Ozone and Turbo, two 'brekin' dancers, and together they form a trio. When Kelly meets an agent, she convinces him to sign up them in a competition: the commission at first rejects their style, but then the judges are amazed by the three dancers.
All actors – Lucinda Dickey, Adolfo Quinones, Michael Chambers, Ben Lokey, Christopher McDonald, Phineas Newborn III, Bruno Falcon, Timothy Solomon, Ana Sánchez, Ice-T, Peter Bromilow, Eleanor Zee
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  • “Head up. Caress me. With passion... dance. Dance! Across the the floor! That's it. That's it. Now, now jump. Come on, fly! Fly! Feel it! Cut. That's it. Now, you've got it. Alright. Over here. Over here! More emotion. To the mirror! Feel it! Alright, now, turn around!”

    Ben Lokey - Franco
  • “You know why everybody's afraid? It's because they don't understand it. It's not just kids dancing on a street corner for a nickel! They put more heart and soul into their work than any dancer I know! James, it's real! It's fresh!”
    Lucinda Dickey - Kelly
    [Tag:dancing, passion]
  • “We're gonna eat you and spit out the pieces we don't like.”
    Timothy Solomon - Electro Rock 2
  • “- Turbo: What's this?
    - Waiter: Fromage de tête de porc.
    - Turbo: Who?
    - Waiter: Hog's head cheese.
    - Turbo: Sick, man! Sick.”

    Michael Chambers - Turbo
    Andre Landzaat - Waiter
  • “If those dudes want to see us dance, have them come down here. Or maybe they're afraid of getting raped or mugged.”
    Adolfo Quinones - Ozone
    [Tag:dancing, fear]
  • “- Kelly: What kind of names are Ozone and Turbo?
    - Turbo: The kind of names that only a few people are allowed to call us by.”

    Lucinda Dickey - Kelly
    Michael Chambers - Turbo
    [Tag:name, nickname]
  • “Some people love you for your body. Me, it's your charming wit.”
    Phineas Newborn III - Adam
    [Tag:body, intellect, love]
  • “- Franco: You're looking better. You still gotta learn how to relax, though.
    - Kelly: I'll work at it.
    - Franco: Loosen up. Let the music caress you.”

    Ben Lokey - Franco
    Lucinda Dickey - Kelly
    [Tag:music, relaxing]
  • “- Ozone: Hey, that dance is fresh!
    - Kelly: It's what?
    - Turbo: It's bad! Whoa! Whoa!”

    Adolfo Quinones - Ozone
    Lucinda Dickey - Kelly
    Michael Chambers - Turbo
  • Street dancing belongs on the street! It won't get you to Broadway.”
    Christopher McDonald - James
  • “- Turbo: You owe me seven dollars man.
    - Franco: For what?
    - Turbo: For teaching you how to dance sucker.”

    Michael Chambers - Turbo
    Ben Lokey - Franco
    [Tag:dancing, debt]
  • “I'm just ready for a change. I feel my life getting stale.”
    Lucinda Dickey - Kelly
    [Tag:changing, life]
  • “Special K! Any good dancer has a streetname.”

    Adolfo Quinones - Ozone
    [Tag:dancing, nickname]
  • “I want to thank you for this award. It's the recognition for my peers, it's all those agonizing days teaching Ozone everything I know.”

    Michael Chambers - Turbo