“Breakin'” quotes

Movie Breakin'
Title Breakin'
Year 1984
Director Joel Silberg
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance, Music
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Plot – Kelly works as waitress in a diner. She loves to dance and takes some classes, but as the teacher gives her too much attentions, she leaves. Her black friend Adam introduces her to Ozone and Turbo, two 'brekin' dancers, and together they form a trio. When Kelly meets an agent, she convinces him to sign up them in a competition: the commission at first rejects their style, but then the judges are amazed by the three dancers.
All actors – Lucinda Dickey, Adolfo Quinones, Michael Chambers, Ben Lokey, Christopher McDonald, Phineas Newborn III, Bruno Falcon, Timothy Solomon, Ana Sánchez, Ice-T, Peter Bromilow, Eleanor Zee
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