“Coal Miner's Daughter” quotes

Movie Coal Miner's Daughter
Michael Apted directed this movie in 1980
Title Coal Miner's Daughter
Year 1980
Director Michael Apted
Genre Drama, Musical, Music, Biography
Plot – Loretta is 15 and lives with her many younger brothers in a remote Kentucky village, where her father works as a miner. When she meets Doolittle she agrees to merry him and defies her entire family. The newlyweds don't have much money, moreover the girl is still immature while the guy is surly and impulsive. Over the time they stabilize as a couple and have four children. On their anniversary, Doolittle gives his wife a guitar and this is the beginning of a new life. Loretta is encouraged by her husband, who's a manager and a producer, to sing, to make records, to perform in bars. She exhibits on prestigious Nashville stages too. Despite fame, wealth, Doolittle's jealousy, squabbles and misunderstandings, Loretta loves her family more than her fans and doesn't allow the success to ruin it all.
All actors – Sissy Spacek, Tommy Lee Jones, Levon Helm, Phyllis Boyens-Liptak, Bill Anderson Jr., Foister Dickerson, Malla McCown, Pamela McCown, Kevin Salvilla, William Sanderson, Sissy Lucas, Pat Patterson
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