“The Keys of the Kingdom” quotes

Movie The Keys of the Kingdom
Title The Keys of the Kingdom
Year 1944
Director John M. Stahl
Genre Drama
All actors – Gregory Peck, Thomas Mitchell, Vincent Price, Rose Stradner, Roddy McDowall, Edmund Gwenn, Cedric Hardwicke, Peggy Ann Garner, Jane Ball, James Gleason, Anne Revere, Ruth Nelson
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  • “- Rev. Mother Maria-Veronica: It must be a great blow to you, to see your beautiful church so wantonly destroyed.
    - Father Francis Chisholm: No one can destroy my church. I shall build it again. As long as I live I shall build my church.”

    Rose Stradner - Rev. Mother Maria-Veronica
    Gregory Peck - Father Francis Chisholm
  • “- Joseph: Father, may I say something sinful?
    - Father Francis Chisholm: Of course not.
    - Joseph: You will hear it in confession anyway, because I'm thinking it.”

    Benson Fong - Joseph
    Gregory Peck - Father Francis Chisholm
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