“The Paradine Case” quotes

Movie The Paradine Case
Alfred Hitchcock directed this movie in 1947
Title The Paradine Case
Year 1947
Director Alfred Hitchcock
Genre Drama, Crime, Romance, Thriller
Plot – Colonel Paradine, a brave and wealthy officer, is found dead in his bed. His widow is the first suspect, however, during repeated interviews with the defendant, the defense lawyer falls in love with her, thus neglecting his young wife. Studying the case, the lawyer comes across a strange character, the colonel's waiter, who had remained in the shadows until then...
All actors – Gregory Peck, Ann Todd, Charles Laughton, Charles Coburn, Ethel Barrymore, Louis Jourdan, Alida Valli, Leo G. Carroll, Joan Tetzel, Isobel Elsom, Patrick Aherne, Gilbert Allen, Leonard Carey, Elspeth Dudgeon, James Fairfax, John Goldsworthy, Lumsden Hare, Alec Harford, Sam Harris, Alfred Hitchcock, Colin Hunter, Boyd Irwin, Colin Keith-Johnston, Kenner G. Kemp, Colin Kenny, Thomas Martin, Lester Matthews, Phyllis Morris, Edgar Norton, 'Snub' Pollard, Bert Stevens, Arthur Tovey, John Williams
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  • “- Anthony Keane, Counsel for the Defense: I was thinking just today, how much fun it would be to go to Italy.
    - Gay Keane: Italy? I thought we'd planned on going to Switzerland.
    - Anthony Keane, Counsel for the Defense: I know. But Italy somehow seemed so much more - colourful. Might go back to Venice. You know, get in a gondola.
    - Gay Keane:...” (continue)
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    Gregory Peck - Anthony Keane
    Ann Todd - Gay Keane
  • “- Judy Flaquer: Men are such horrible beasts. I wish I were married to Anthony Keane for just one hour. I'd make him jump through hoops.
    - Judge Lord Thomas Horfield: I wish you were married to someone. Perhaps he could put up with your clap-clap better than I can!”

    Joan Tetzel - Judy Flaquer
    Charles Laughton - Judge Lord Thomas Horfield
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  • “- Gay Keane: Have you ever realized what a lot you can learn from photographs?
    - Sir Simon Flaquer: The social footsteps of time.”

    Ann Todd - Gay Keane
    Charles Coburn - Sir Simon Flaquer
  • “It's nice to be married to someone who can help others - even save their lives.”
    Ann Todd - Gay Keane
  • “The impertinence of young people today is simply appalling!”
    Charles Coburn - Sir Simon Flaquer
  • “I do not like to be interrupted in the middle of an insult.”
    Charles Laughton - Judge Lord Thomas Horfield
  • “Nice people don't go murdering other nice people.”
    Ann Todd - Gay Keane
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