“Gentleman's Agreement” quotes

Movie Gentleman's Agreement
Elia Kazan directed this movie in 1947
Title Gentleman's Agreement
Year 1947
Director Elia Kazan
Genre Drama, Romance
Plot – Phil is a well-known journalist who moves to New York to write a series of articles about anti-Semitism. He meets the magazine director's granddaughter, Katy, and between them arises a tender feeling. Phil pretends to be of Jew origins to write his articles and he finds intolerance and contempt everywhere. David, Phil's childhood Jew friend, asks him some help to find a job. Phil accepts it gladly but he faces many obstacles.
All actors – Gregory Peck, Dorothy McGuire, John Garfield, Celeste Holm, Anne Revere, June Havoc, Albert Dekker, Jane Wyatt, Dean Stockwell, Nicholas Joy, Sam Jaffe, Harold Vermilyea, Ransom M. Sherman, , Monya Andre, Louise Buckley, Patricia Cameron, Jack Conrad, Curt Conway, Olive Deering, Irene Dehn, Jane Earle, Morgan Farley, Franklyn Farnum, Grace Field, Helen Gerald, Fred Godoy, Wilton Graff, Jane Green, Virginia Gregg, Tom Handley, Joe Haworth, Hallene Hill, Edna Holland, Art Howard, Bert Howard, Mauritz Hugo, Boyd Irwin, Robert Karnes, Leo Kaye, Kenner G. Kemp, Victor Kilian, Mike Lally, Raymond Largay, Gustave Lax, George Leigh, Lewis Leverett, Arthur Little Jr., Kathleen Lockhart, Louise Lorimer, Ken Lynch, Lee MacGregor, Adrienne Marden, Marion Marshall, Noel Mills, Marlyn Monk, Henry Mowbray, Howard Negley, Gene Nelson, John Newland, Stella Rae, Herbert Ratner, Pattie Robbins, Roy Roberts, Wallace Scott, Larry Steers, Amzie Strickland, Laura Treadwell, Robert Warwick, Jesse White, Frank Wilcox, Barbara Wooddell, Mary Worth
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  • “You know something, Phil? I suddenly want to live to be very old. Very. I want to be around to see what happens. The world is stirring in very strange ways. Maybe this is the century for it. Maybe that's why it's so troubled. Other centuries had their driving forces. What will ours have been when men look back? Maybe it won't be the American...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Anne Revere - Mrs. Green
    [Tag:age, modernity, peace, war]
  • “- Professor Fred Lieberman: Millions of people nowadays are religious only in the vaguest sense. I've often wondered why the Jews among them still go on calling themselves Jews. Do you know, Mr. Green?
    - Phil Green: No, but I'd like to.
    - Professor Fred Lieberman: Because the world still makes it an advantage not to be one. Thus it becomes a...” (continue)
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    Sam Jaffe - Professor Fred Lieberman
    Gregory Peck - Philip Schuyler Green
    [Tag:jews, pride, religion]
  • “- Phil Green: Some people hate Catholics, some people hate Jews.
    - Tommy Green: And no one hates us because we're Americans.”

    Gregory Peck - Philip Schuyler Green
    Dean Stockwell - Tommy Green
  • “So far I've been digging in facts and data - I've sort of been ignoring feelings.”
    Gregory Peck - Philip Schuyler Green
    [Tag:feeling, thought]
  • “- Kathy Lacey: You can't make over the whole world. You know I'm on Dave's side.
    - Phil Green: Well, I'm not on Dave's side or any side, except against their side.”

    Dorothy McGuire - Kathy Lacy
    Gregory Peck - Philip Schuyler Green
  • “- Tommy Green: Pop, what's that?
    - Phil Green: That's a statue of Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders.
    - Tommy Green: No kidding? That's what Grandma says you're doing. She says she wishes you'd leave the world alone once in a while.”

    Dean Stockwell - Tommy Green
    Gregory Peck - Philip Schuyler Green
    [Tag:commitment, job]
  • “- Tommy Green: What's anti-semitism?
    - Phil Green: Well, uh, that's when some people don't like other people just because they're Jews.
    - Tommy Green: Why not? Are Jews bad?
    - Phil Green: Well, some are and some aren't, just like with everyone else.
    - Tommy Green: What are Jews, anyway?
    - Phil Green: Well, uh, it's like this. Remember last week...” (continue)
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    Dean Stockwell - Tommy Green
    Gregory Peck - Philip Schuyler Green