“It's a Wonderful Life” quotes

Movie It's a Wonderful Life
Frank Capra directed this movie in 1946
Title It's a Wonderful Life
Year 1946
Director Frank Capra
Genre Drama, Family, Fantasy
Plot – George Bailey has always been a self-destructive guy. When his father dies, he gives up his projects and his studies to manage his father's construction company. All that his old man wanted was to give some affordable houses to the lower middle class people. George successfully continues his father's work overcoming the hostility of Potter, an old millionaire and an odious and heartless financier too. On Christmas Eve, George's old uncle loses eight thousand dollars of the company, exposing it at risk of bankruptcy. Potter finds it but he doesn't have the intention to give the money back. George is desperate and plans to kill himself, but the Divine Providence sends him his Guardian Angel that prevents his intentions: as George says that he would never have been born, the angel shows him the consequences of his sentence. The guy finally learns the values of life and on the way home his friends welcome him with the missing sum they've collected to save the company.
All actors – James Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore, Thomas Mitchell, Henry Travers, Beulah Bondi, Frank Faylen, Ward Bond, Gloria Grahame, H.B. Warner, Frank Albertson, Todd Karns, Samuel S. Hinds, Mary Treen, Virginia Patton, Charles Williams, Sarah Edwards, William Edmunds, Lillian Randolph, Argentina Brunetti, Robert J. Anderson, Ronnie Ralph, Jean Gale, Jeanine Ann Roose, Danny Mummert, Georgie Nokes, Sheldon Leonard, Frank Hagney, Ray Walker, Charles Lane, Edward Keane, Carol Coombs, Karolyn Grimes, Larry Simms, Jimmy Hawkins, Jean Acker, Ernie Adams, Monya Andre, Stanley Andrews, Sam Ash, Jack Bailey, Mary Bayless, Beth Belden, Brooks Benedict, Joseph E. Bernard, Al Bridge, Buz Buckley, Marian Carr, Adriana Caselotti, Lane Chandler, Michael Chapin, Tom Chatterton, Jack Cheatham, Harry Cheshire, Edward Clark, Tom Coleman, Ellen Corby, Jimmy the Crow, Bryn Davis, Lew Davis, Harry Denny, Helen Dickson, Dick Elliott, Tom Fadden, Frank Fenton, Eddie Fetherston, Sam Flint, Lee Frederick, Dick Gordon, Jack Gordon, Herschel Graham, Joseph Granby, Charles Halton, Carl Eric Hansen, Herbert Heywood, Harry Holman, Art Howard, Bert Howard, Arthur Stuart Hull, John Indrisano, Eddie Kane, Carl Kent, Milton Kibbee, Effie Laird, Mike Lally, Harold Landon, Meade 'Lux' Lewis, Jack Lomas, J. Farrell MacDonald, Irene Mack, Wilbur Mack, Charles Meakin, Priscilla Montgomery, Bert Moorhouse, Philip Morris, George Noisom, Bob O'Connor, Frank O'Connor, Moroni Olsen, Garry Owen, Netta Packer, Franklin Parker, Suzanne Ridgeway, Mark Roberts, Constantine Romanoff, Cy Schindell, Almira Sessions, Cedric Stevens, Brick Sullivan, Charles Sullivan, Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer, Max Wagner, Larry Wheat, Charles C. Wilson
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  • “- Clarence: Your brother, Harry Bailey, broke through the ice and was drowned at the age of nine.
    - George Bailey: That's a lie! Harry Bailey went to war! He got the Congressional Medal of Honor! He saved the lives of every man on that transport!
    - Clarence: Every man on that transport died. Harry wasn't there to save them, because you weren't...” (continue)
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    Henry Travers - Clarence
    James Stewart - George Bailey
    [Tag:brothers, death, lies]
  • “- Man on Porch: Why don't you kiss her instead of talking her to death?
    - George Bailey: You want me to kiss her, huh?
    - Man on Porch: Ah, youth is wasted on the wrong people.”

    Dick Elliott - Man on Porch
    Jimmy Stewart - George Bailey
    [Tag:kiss, talking, youth]
  • “It's deep in the race for a man to want his own roof and walls and fireplace.”
    Samuel S. Hinds - Pa Bailey
  • “- Bert: Isn't there any romance in you?
    - Ernie: Sure, I had it... but I got rid of it.”

    Ward Bond - Bert
    Frank Faylen - Ernie
  • “I am an old man, and most people hate me. But I don't like them either so that makes it all even.”
    Lionel Barrymore - Mr. Potter
    [Tag:hatred, old age]
  • “- Mary Hatch: What do you want?
    - George Bailey: Me? Nothing! I just came in to get warm.
    - Mary Hatch: He's making violent love to me, mother!”

    Donna Reed - Mary Hatch
    Jimmy Stewart - George Bailey
  • “- George Bailey: How old are you anyway?
    - Mary Hatch: 18.
    - George Bailey: 18! Why it was only last year you were 17?”

    Jimmy Stewart - George Bailey
    Donna Reed - Mary Hatch
    [Tag:age, aging]
  • “- Mr. Potter: Have you put any real pressure on these people of yours to pay those mortgages?
    - Pa Bailey: Times are bad, Mr. Potter. A lot of these people are out of work.
    - Mr. Potter: Well, then, foreclose.
    - Pa Bailey: I can't do that. These families have children.
    - Mr. Potter: They're not my children.”

    Lionel Barrymore - Mr. Potter
    Samuel S. Hinds - Pa Bailey
    [Tag:children, empathy]
  • “Remember, George: no man is a failure who has friends.”
    Henry Travers - Clarence
    [Tag:failure, friends]
  • “You call this a happy family? Why do we have to have all these kids?”
    Jimmy Stewart - George Bailey
  • “I been savin' this money for a divorce, if ever I got a husband.”
    Lillian Randolph - Annie
  • “Dear Father in heaven, I'm not a praying man, but if you're up there and you can hear me...
    [begins crying]
    Show me the way... show me the way.”

    Jimmy Stewart - George Bailey
  • “- George Bailey: This is a very interesting situation!
    - Mary Hatch: Please give me my robe.
    - George Bailey: A man doesn't get in a situation like this every day.”

    Jimmy Stewart - George Bailey
    Donna Reed - Mary Hatch
  • “You see, George, you've really had a wonderful life. Don't you see what a mistake it would be to throw it away?”
    Henry Travers - Clarence
    [Tag:life, mistake]
  • “- Uncle Billy: Where's my hat? Where's my hat?
    [George Bailey takes it off Uncle Billy's head and hands it to him]
    - Uncle Billy: Oh, oh thank you, George. Which is mine?
    - George Bailey: The middle one.”

    Thomas Mitchell - Uncle Billy
    Jimmy Stewart - George Bailey
  • “- George Bailey: And all's fair in love and war, right?
    - Ma Bailey: Well, I don't know about war...”

    Jimmy Stewart - George Bailey
    Beulah Bondi - Mrs. Bailey
    [Tag:fairness, love, war]
  • “- Little Violet: I like him.
    - Little Mary: You like every boy.
    - Little Violet: What's wrong with that?”

    Jeanine Ann Roose - Little Violet
    Jean Gale - Little Mary
  • “- George Bailey: There she blows. You know what the three most exciting sounds in the world are?
    - Uncle Billy: Uh huh. Breakfast is served; lunch is served; dinner...
    - George Bailey: No no no no. Anchor chains, plane motors and train whistles.”

    Jimmy Stewart - George Bailey
    Thomas Mitchell - Uncle Billy
    [Tag:hearing, sound]
  • “- George Bailey: What is it you want, Mary? What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down. Hey. That's a pretty good idea. I'll give you the moon, Mary.
    - Mary Hatch: I'll take it. Then what?
    - George Bailey: Well, then you can swallow it, and it'll all dissolve, see... and the moonbeams...” (continue)
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    Jimmy Stewart - George Bailey
    Donna Reed - Mary Hatch
  • “Is this the ear you can't hear on?
    [whispering in his bad ear]
    George Bailey, I'll love you 'til the day I die.”

    Jean Gale - Little Mary
    [Tag:hearing, love]
  • “- George Bailey: I know one way you can help me. You don't happen to have 8,000 bucks on you?
    - Clarence: No, we don't use money in Heaven.
    - George Bailey: Well, it comes in real handy down here, bud!”

    Jimmy Stewart - George Bailey
    Henry Travers - Clarence
    [Tag:angels, heaven, money]
  • “Strange, isn't it? Each man's life touches so many other lives. When he isn't around he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?”
    Henry Travers - Clarence