“The Public Eye” quotes

Movie The Public Eye
Title The Public Eye
Year 1992
Director Howard Franklin
Genre Drama, Crime, Romance, Thriller
Plot – Leon Bernstein, aka "Bernzi", the best freelance photographer of an America struggling with the problems of the recession of the 1940s , takes pictures of everything but especially of murder victims and gangsters. He knows all the police and all the criminals and carefully maintains a neutral stance from an ethical point of view: he only takes pictures and tries in vain to sell an album of snapshots to a publisher. At a party he meets a fascinating widow, Kay Levitz, who has inherited a club from her husband, but who sees alleged members of it appear from everywhere. One especially stands out, who alludes to a mysterious collusion between him and her deceased husband. Leon promises to help her, but Portofino is found dead.
All actors – Joe Pesci, Richard Riehle, Bryan Travis Smith, Max Brooks, Richard Schiff, Laura Cerón, Chuck Gillespie, Christian Stolte, Jack Denbo, Ellen McElduff, Marge Kotlisky, Timothy Hendrickson
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