“State of Grace” quotes

Movie State of Grace
Title State of Grace
Year 1990
Directors Phil Joanou, Michael Lee Baron
Genre Drama, Crime, Romance, Thriller, Action
Plot – Terry Nooman has lived his childhood in the New York neighborhood "Hell's Kitchen". He has moved to Boston to become a police officer, but now his superiors want him to go back to Hell's Kitchen to infiltrate in the gangs. Terry meets there all his childhood friends. Frankie Flannery is a tough boss, his younger brother Jackie is a psychopath and his sister Kathleen works in the hotel of another neighborhood. She was once Nooman's girlfriend. The agent is hired by Frankie and hopes to catch him as soon as possible, but rivalries between Irish immigrants and the Italian Mafia complicate things. Meanwhile Terry keeps in touch with Nick, a policeman. When one of the guys is found dead, Jackie turns crazy and kills three Italian men, but he can't even imagine Frankie has killed him and has now to kill Jackie too. At his funeral, Terry decides to dismiss himself from Frankie's gang, but on St. Patrick's Day he's chased by Frankie's henchmen. The agent is injured but he manages to shoot Frankie.
All actors – Sean Penn, Ed Harris, Gary Oldman, Robin Wright, John Turturro, Burgess Meredith, R.D. Call, Joe Viterelli, John C. Reilly, Deirdre O'Connell, Marco St. John, Thomas G. Waites
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