“The Crying Game” quotes

Movie The Crying Game
Neil Jordan directed this movie in 1992
Title The Crying Game
Year 1992
Director Neil Jordan
Genre Drama, Crime, Romance, Thriller
Plot – In a park in Ulster an IRA terrorist commando kidnaps Jody, a black British soldier who has been enmeshed by Jude, the woman of the group. If the British will not accept to exchange him for an Irish prisoner, Fergus, another soldier will kill the kidnap victim. However, Fergus is not evil and in the days of Jody's captivity he treats the hostage humanely - off with the stifling hood, many patient words, a little help in moments of physiological need. Taking Jody to the execution site, Fergus is alone and sees him flee, but does not dare to shoot him vilely in the back: However, Jody dies run over by an English armored car in transit through the woods. After leaving his companions, Fergus goes to London to work as a builder, not only to try to forget his remorse, but also because the dead man left him a very unusual task: to protect his wife Dil, who is a hairdresser and who hangs out at the Metro bar. Fergus must bring her one last love message, as he solemnly promised Jody.
All actors – Forest Whitaker, Miranda Richardson, Stephen Rea, Adrian Dunbar, Breffni McKenna, Joe Savino, Birdy Sweeney, Jaye Davidson, Andrée Bernard, Jim Broadbent, Ralph Brown, Tony Slattery
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