“The Real McCoy” quotes

Movie The Real McCoy
Title The Real McCoy
Year 1993
Director Russell Mulcahy
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller
Plot – Karen McCoy is a bank robber. As the job is dangerous, inevitably she's jailed for six years. Once free on parole, she learns her ex-husband has remarried and has told their son Patrick she's dead. If this wasn't enough, a man called Schmidt is looking for Karen to accomplish a new hit. He wants to rob the famous Union Bank of Atlanta, a maximum security bank. To convince Karen, Schmidt kidnaps Patrick and blackmails her, so the woman arranges a perfect plan to get into the bank.
All actors – Kim Basinger, Val Kilmer, Terence Stamp, Gailard Sartain, Zach English, Raynor Scheine, Deborah Hobart, Pamela Stubbart, Andy Stahl, Dean Rader-Duval, Norman Max Maxwell, Marc Macaulay
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