“The Secret of Roan Inish” quotes

Movie The Secret of Roan Inish
Title The Secret of Roan Inish
Year 1994
Director John Sayles
Genre Drama, Family, Fantasy
Interpreted by
Plot – Fiona Conneelly, whose mother is dead, is sent to live with her grandparents Hugh and Tess on the west coast of Ireland. From the window of the house she sees the distant island of Roan, where her family is originally from. One day Fiona's grandfather tells her the story of the accident that occurred when her brother Jamie disappeared: in a moment of distraction Jamie's crib slipped into the water and was swept away by the sea. Then her cousin Eamon tells Fiona another strange story: it is said that Jamie is still alive and since that episode he has been wandering around the island in his crib. During a trip to the island with her grandfather, Fiona finds small footprints in the sand. Once home and in town with her grandmother for shopping, Fiona meets Tadgh Conneelly, a relative who tells her the legend of Selkie. Back on the island with her cousin, Fiona sees little Jamie who is collecting flowers and then flees. Upon returning home, she finds her grandparents sad because they have to move: Fiona suggests returning to the island but her elderly grandparents are against the idea. Fiona goes back to the island on a boat that is magically guided by a baby seal, she catches another glimpse of her brother, who flees once again when he sees her. Then Fiona tells her cousin about her secret meetings and the two decide to travel together to the island to fix up the old house where they would like their grandparents to move. While a storm is looming at sea, Fiona tells to her grandmother Tess about her secret meetings with her brother; to the surprise of everyone, the woman decides to go to the island before the storm breaks. Once on the island the grandmother prepares a soup of algae, sure that as soon as the rain starts little Jamie will appear with his crib. The miracle comes true: seals push the cradle to shore and Jamie is finally reunited with his family.
All actors – Jeni Courtney, Pat Slowey, Dave Duffy, Declan Hannigan, Mairéad Ní Ghallchóir, Eugene McHugh, Tony Rubini, Mick Lally, Eileen Colgan, Richard Sheridan, Micheal MacCarthaigh, Fergal McElherron
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