“A Little Princess” quotes

Movie A Little Princess
Alfonso Cuarón directed this movie in 1995
Title A Little Princess
Year 1995
Director Alfonso Cuarón
Genre Drama, Family, Fantasy
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Plot – Little Sara Crewe, who no longer has the mother, lives happily in India with her father, the captain of British army, who fills her with many attentions. At the outbreak of World War I Captain Crewe is sent to fight in Africa and Sara, left alone, is sent to New York to attend the same exclusive boarding school once attended by her mother. There Sara faces the harshness of the institution and the headmistress, Miss Minchiper, who thinks Sara, so exuberant and creative, can only cause troubles. When Sara discovers her father is dead, she is forced to remain in the college as a servant. Only thanks to her courage, imagination and self-esteem, Sara will succeed in changing the course of her life.
All actors – Liesel Matthews, Eleanor Bron, Liam Cunningham, Rusty Schwimmer, Arthur Malet, Vanessa Lee Chester, Errol Sitahal, Heather DeLoach, Taylor Fry, Darcie Bradford, Rachael Bella, Alexandra Rea-Baum, Camilla Belle, Lauren Blumenfeld, Kelsey Mulrooney, Kaitlin Cullum, Alison Moir, Time Winters, Lomax Study, Vincent Schiavelli, Pushpa Rawal, Rahi Azizi, Ken Palmer, Helen Greenberg, Norman Merrill, Peggy Miley, Robert P. Cohen, Will Blomquist, David Fresco, Judith Drake, Chris Ellis, Jonás Cuarón, Juliana Harkavy, Jack Holland, London Vale, Sandeep Walia
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  • “- Capt. Crewe: What are you doing? Memorizing me by heart?
    - Sara Crewe: No... I already know you by heart.”

    Liam Cunningham - Capt. Crewe
    Liesel Matthews - Sara Crewe
    [Tag:father, heart, memory]
  • “- Sara Crewe: Thank you.
    - Miss Minchin: Sara, there's no talking at the table.
    - Sara Crewe: Doesn't seem natural.
    - Miss Minchin: I won't say it again.”

    Liesel Matthews - Sara Crewe
    Eleanor Bron - Miss Minchin
  • “- Charles Randolph: All the hoping... you must think me a fool.
    - Ram Dass: Is it your wish to be wise, sahib?
    - Charles Randolph: I don't know. I suppose a wise man wouldn't have come here at all.”

    Arthur Malet - Charles Randolph
    Errol Sitahal - Ram Dass
    [Tag:hope, son, wisdom]
  • “Sometimes when I dream, I sense a part of me that's missing. It's a strange feeling having your heart remember something your mind can not.”
    Liam Cunningham - Capt. Crewe
    [Tag:dreams, heart, memory]
  • “- Sara Crewe: Why don't they come to life in front of us so we can see them?
    - Capt. Crewe: Because it's magic. Magic has to be believed. It's the only way it's real.”

    Liesel Matthews - Sara Crewe
    Liam Cunningham - Capt. Crewe
    [Tag:belief, magic, truth]
  • “You know, dolls make the very best friends. Just because they can't speak doesn't mean they don't listen. And did you know that when we leave them alone in our room, they come to life?”

    Liam Cunningham - Capt. Crewe
    [Tag:listening, toys]
  • “- Sara Crewe: I'm here with you. I've always thought of us as sisters.
    - Becky: You have?
    - Sara Crewe: Let's make a promise right now: to always look out for each other.
    - Becky: It's a promise.”

    Liesel Matthews - Sara Crewe
    Vanessa Chester - Becky
  • “- Sara Crewe: Look! Just what we ordered!
    - Becky: I'm a little scared about all of this.
    - Sara Crewe: Me too. Do you think we shouldn't eat it?
    - Becky: I'm not that scared!”

    Liesel Matthews - Sara Crewe
    Vanessa Chester - Becky
  • “All women are princesses, it is our right.”
    Pushpa Rawal - Maya
    [Tag:right, women]
  • “- Capt. Crewe: Whenever you're afraid, or miss me terribly... just tell Emily. And she'll get the message to me, wherever I am. And I'll send one back right away... so that when you hug her... you'll really be getting a hug from me.
    - Sara Crewe: It's alright, Papa. I'm going to be fine.”

    Liam Cunningham - Capt. Crewe
    Liesel Matthews - Sara Crewe
  • “- Sara Crewe: Papa? Maya told me that all girls are princesses.
    - Capt. Crewe: Maya... is a very wise woman.
    - Sara Crewe: Then it's true?
    - Capt. Crewe: You can be anything you want to be, my love, as long as you believe.”

    Liesel Matthews - Sara Crewe
    Liam Cunningham - Capt. Crewe
  • “- Sara Crewe: Don't you ever do that, Miss Minchin? Believe in something just to make it seem real?
    - Miss Minchin: I suppose that's rather easy for a child who has everything. And now from now on, there will be no more 'make believe' at this school during reading hour or at any other time. Is that understood?”

    Liesel Matthews - Sara Crewe
    Eleanor Bron - Miss Minchin
  • “It's time you learn, Sara Crewe, that real life has nothing to do with your little fantasy games. It's a cruel, nasty world out there and it's our duty to make the best of it - not to indulge in ridiculous dreams, but to be productive and useful!”
    Eleanor Bron - Miss Minchin
  • “- Becky: Sara, why don't you tell your stories anymore?
    - Sara Crewe: They're just make-believe. They don't mean anything.
    - Becky: Oh, but they've always meant something to me. There were days I thought I would die, until I heard you talk about the magic.
    - Sara Crewe: There is no magic, Becky.”

    Vanessa Chester - Becky
    Liesel Matthews - Sara Crewe
    [Tag:magic, meaning]
  • “From now on, you must earn your room and board here. You will move to the attic with Becky and work as a servant. If you fail to meet the standards of this institution or if you don't do as you're told, you'll be thrown out. And believe me, Sara, the streets of the city are not kind to homeless beggars.”
    Eleanor Bron - Miss Minchin