“The Time Machine” quotes

Movie The Time Machine
Title The Time Machine
Year 2002
Director Simon Wells
Genre Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action
Plot – During the late XIX century, Alexander Hartdegen is a scientist convinced time travels are possible. When his girlfriend Emma dies, he's more motivated to build a machine to go back in time and he is able to do it after four years. Even if he can meet Emma, the girl dies of a trivial fatality, so Alex decides to travel to the future, going 800,000 years forward. By then the society is divided in two races: the Eloi have human appearances and the Morlocks are cruel monsters. Alex befriends the Eloi tribe and in a struggle against the Morlocks, his time machine loses all its energy and Alex is blocked there. Fortunately, he meets beautiful Mara.
All actors – Guy Pearce, Mark Addy, Phyllida Law, Sienna Guillory, Laura Kirk, Josh Stamberg, John W. Momrow, Max Baker, Jeffrey M. Meyer, Jeremy Irons, Alan Young, Myndy Crist, Connie Ray, Orlando Jones, Lennie Loftin, Thomas Corey Robinson, Samantha Mumba, Omero Mumba, Yancey Arias, Richard Cetrone, Edward Conna, Chris Sayour, Jeremy Fitzgerald, Darrell Davis, Grady Holder, Bryan Friday, Clint Lilley, Mark Kubr, Jeff Podgurski, Dan McCann, Bryon Weiss, Steve Upton, Doug Jones, Joey Anaya, Jacob Chambers, Dorian Kingi, Kevin McTurk, Michael Chaturantabut, Jonathan Eusebio, Roel Failma, Yoshio Iizuka, Diana Lee Inosanto, Chona Jason, Hiro Koda, John Koyama, Alex Madison, R.C. Ormond, Bro Richmond, Petra Sprecher, Gary Toy, Jon Valera, , Brian Dongelewic, April Crisafulli, Aaron Patrick Freeman, Cheyenne Haynes, Dustin LaValley, Andy Maycock, Caleb Mayo, David O'Leary, Paul Oliver, Efia Pearson, Dana Schick, Danny Swerdlow, Vanessa Viola, Meredith Wells
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