“Thumbelina” quotes

Movie Thumbelina
Title Thumbelina
Year 1994
Directors Don Bluth, Gary Goldman
Genre Musical, Romance, Family, Fantasy, Animation
Plot – A woman without children asks help to a witch, who gives her a magic barley grain from which comes a tiny girl. The woman calls her Thumbelina and the prince of the fairies Cornelius falls in love with her, but Thumbelina is seized by a family of toads singers, "Los Sapos de Espana". Ranoquita is attracted by the wonderful voice of Thumbelina and thinks to take advantage of her. Thumbelina declines to collaborate with them when El Rambito, the eldest son, proposes to her. The girl is rescued by Jacomo, a nice swift, then she sets out in search of her beloved Cornelius. When winter arrives, Thumbelina is forced to refuge in a shoe and a little mouse, Aunt Carolina, invites her in the warmth of her underground house. Cornelius is presumed dead, but the prince fortunately appears and vanquishes El Rambito, combining a lavish ceremony with his beloved Thumbelina.
All actors – Gino Conforti, Barbara Cook, Jodi Benson, Will Ryan, June Foray, Kenneth Mars, Gary Imhoff, Joe Lynch, Charo, Danny Mann, Loren Lester, Kendall Cunningham
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  • “You will lift me high above, everything we're dreaming of will soon be ours, anything that we desire, anything at all, everyday you'll take me higher.”

    Jodi Benson - Thumbelina
  • “- Prince Cornelius: Thumbelina... it's a lovely name.
    - Thumbelina: Thank you.
    - Prince Cornelius: I'm Cornelius.
    - Thumbelina: C... Cornelius. Well, that's a funnyname! Oh! I mean, I mean it's perfect.”

    Gary Imhoff - Prince Cornelius
    Jodi Benson - Thumbelina
  • “- Mother: Now, here is the story of the noble dog, who saved the king from the wickedwizard. Once upon a time...
    - Thumbelina: Oh, mother, please. Are there any stories about... about little people?”

    Barbara Cook - Mother
    Jodi Benson - Thumbelina
  • “- Mother: [pointing at a picture in book] And here, the fairy prince and princess are having a wedding.
    - Thumbelina: And they live... happily ever after!
    - Mother: Usually, my dear.”

    Barbara Cook - Mother
    Jodi Benson - Thumbelina
  • “Don't ever wish to be anything but what you are.”

    Barbara Cook - Mother