“Wine Country” quotes

Movie Wine Country
Amy Poehler directed this movie in 2019
Title Wine Country
Year 2019
Director Amy Poehler
Genre Comedy
Interpreted by
Plot – Amy organizes an amazing holiday in Napa with her best friends to celebrate Rebecca’s 50th birthday. Catherine, Val, Jenny and Naomi are happy to get the chance to have a bit of relax and see their other two friends. In a world of alcohol, jokes and gossip, they will end up doubting their friendship and their future.
All actors – Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer, Maya Rudolph, Paula Pell, Emily Spivey, Jay Larson, Tina Fey, Maya Erskine, Rachel Hamilton, Brené Brown, Jon Glaser, Jason Schwartzman, Cherry Jones, Craig Cackowski, Liz Cackowski, David Schwartz, Jeff Babko, Michael Jerome Moore, Kate Comer, RJ Walker, Sunita Mani, Jason Greene, Janine Brito, Scott Philbrook, Santina Muha, Paul Archer, Greg Poehler, Frances Callier, , Cheryl Anderson, Caitlin Arend, Christopher Arminio, Hannah Bamberg, William W. Barbour, Marcella Bragio, Allison Claye, Kim Christopher Codella, Dabier, Vicki Damante, John Demakas, Steven J. Durham, Gail Gamble, Roger Groh, Jake Hanson, Tom Hart, John Lobato, Alexis C. Macias, Tyler McDanniel, Ed Moy, Vaughn Myovich, John Ozuna, Abbey Paige, Jeff Redlick, Rick Richardson, Elise Robson, Brian Sampson, Ryan Shukis, Bailey Standley, Galen G. Wathen, James D. Weston II, Begine White-Klein, Zack Whyel
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  • “The wifi here is very slow, so you're just going to have to talk to each other... while drinking a ton of wine! What could possibly go wrong? Just remember guys, whatever gets said, is probably what the person has always felt, and the alcohol just let it out.”
    Tina Fey - Tammy
  • “- Jenny: Mmmmm... Ahh! This one's good. What's it called again?
    - Abby: White wine.
    - Jenny: I frickin' love it.”

    Emily Spivey - Jenny
    Amy Poehler - Abby
  • “Is a flower in the hair too much for solo dining? I need to get out and take my new knees for a spin.”
    Paula Pell - Val
  • “- Rebecca: What matters is how you feel inside. So, with all that in mind, what would you say your soul's age is?
    - Val: I'd say, like 12. I mean, maybe a little older, probably old enough to drink... and bone. Maybe 18. 18 and a half. Almost out of the house. Don't have my own car yet... but I have a bike.”

    Rachel Dratch - Rebecca
    Paula Pell - Val
    [Tag:age, soul]
  • “Future? Is the Past coming next week?”
    Paula Pell - Val
    [Tag:future, past]
  • “- Jade: We get famous people in here all the time. Do you know who was in here last week?
    - Rebecca: Who?
    - Jade: Future.”

    Maya Erskine - Jade
    Rachel Dratch - Rebecca