“Woman on Top” quotes

Movie Woman on Top
Title Woman on Top
Year 2000
Director Fina Torres
Genre Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Plot – Isabelle and Toninho get married in Brazil but he betrays her. When Isabelle discovers it, she moves to San Francisco to live with her friend Monica. There Isabelle dedicates herself to cooking and she's introduced to the director of a local television network. In a short time, Isabelle start conducting a TV program, but Toninho arrives suddenly. He visits Isabelle in the television offices and they cook together. They have success, then Isabelle resigns. Toninho reaches her at her house. Both promise to not leave each other anymore.
All actors – Penélope Cruz, Murilo Benício, Harold Perrineau, Mark Feuerstein, John de Lancie, Anne Ramsay, Ana Gasteyer, Analu De Castro, Thais Curvelo De Sá, Eliana Guttman, Eduardo Mattedi, Ana Paula Oliveira, Marilice Santos, Giba Conceição, Joaquim Pinto, Vevé Calazans, June Carryl, Bob Greene, Lázaro Ramos, Wagner Moura, Cléa Simões, Tom Curti, John Crook, Jonas Bloch, Michel Bercovitch, Carlos Gregório, Malu Pessin, Daniele Suzuki, Luis Careca, Jerry Penacoli, Inaldo Santana, Jorge Maia, Dizoneth Santos, Phil Miler, Roberta Kennedy, Jeff Scott, Roger Stoneburner, Gordon Hansen, Sergio Maciel, B. Chico Purdiman, Bob Sáenz, Thomas Hieatt, David Herman, Edlon Tupi, Otávio Martins, Inês Cardoso, Alan Poul, Jim Freeman, Adele Proom, Jujuba, Quake, Chris Corporandy, Carmen Molinari, Tina Marie Murray, Jim Hechim, Calvin Roberts, Robert Paul Taylor, Jude S. Walko
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