Conversion quotes

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  • “- Harlan: I'm converting to a Catholic.
    - Lillian: And I'm converting to a blonde.”

    Dennis Lipscomb - Harlan
    Debbie Harry - Lillian
    [Tag:conversion, hair, religion]
  • “I'm done tryin' to convert you heathens. You mind if I continue invading Germany?”

    Shia LaBoeuf - Boyd 'Bible' Swan
    [Tag:atheism, conversion, war]
  • “The savages live in outer darkness. We must convert them. What more glorious task than that?”
    Claude Préfontaine - Old Priest
    [Tag:conversion, savages]
  • “- Missionary's Brother: My brother leaves for China tomorrow to convert the heathen.
    - The Yellow Man: I wish him luck.”

    George Nichols - Missionary's Brother
    Richard Barthelmess - The Yellow Man
    [Tag:conversion, travel]
  • “Conversion is a very difficult and time consuming operation.”
    Frank Ashmore - Martin
    [Tag:conversion, time of life]
  • “- Father Jerome: Our only hope is that - some believe that baptism will cure their fever. If they ask for baptism, we must have a great public ceremony at once.
    - Laforgue: Fr. Jerome, shouldn't we - I mean, mustn't they understand our faith before accepting it?
    - Father Jerome: Understand? But they are in danger of death, and we are offering...” (continue)
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    Frank Wilson - Father Jerome
    Lothaire Bluteau - Laforgue
    [Tag:christianity, conversion, savages]
  • “- Huron Chief: A demon cannot feel grief. Are you a man?
    - Laforgue: Yes.
    - Huron Chief: You must help us Blackrobe. Do you love us?
    - Laforgue: Yes.
    - Huron Chief: Then baptize us.”

    Lothaire Bluteau - Laforgue
    [Tag:christianity, conversion, grief]
  • “Two things happen to a man in jail. He comes out a killer or he comes out a Christian.”
    Namir Khan - Bartender
    [Tag:conversion, killing, prison]