“V” quotes

Movie V
Title V
Year 1983
Director Kenneth Johnson
Genre Sci-Fi
All actors – Jane Badler, Michael Durrell, Faye Grant, Peter Nelson, David Packer, Neva Patterson, Tommy Petersen, Marc Singer, Blair Tefkin, Michael Wright, Bonnie Bartlett, Leonardo Cimino, Richard Herd, Evan C. Kim, Richard Lawson, George Morfogen, Andrew Prine, Hansford Rowe, Jenny Sullivan, Penelope Windust, Michael Alldredge, Camila Ashland, Frank Ashmore, Jason Bernard, Michael Bond, Rafael Campos, Diane Cary, Viveka Davis, Robert Englund, Ron Hajak, Mary Alan Hokanson, David Hooks, Joanna Kerns, Jenny Neumann, William Russ, Michael Swan, Stephanie Faulkner, Tom Fuccello, Wiley Harker, Dick Harwood, Myron Healey, Bonnie Johns, Eric Johnston, Curt Lowens, Marin May, Mike Monahan, Jennifer Perito, Clete Roberts, Nathan Roberts, Howard K. Smith, Robert Vandenberg, Momo Yashima, Denny Miller, Stack Pierce, Steve M. Davison, Tom Lawrence, Tom Southwell, Charles A. Tamburro
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  • “- Mike Donovan: How'd someone like that get to be your leader anyway?
    - Martin: Charisma. Circumstances, promises... Not enough of us spoke out to question him until it was too late. It happens on your planet, doesn't it?”

    Marc Singer - Mike Donovan
    Frank Ashmore - Martin
  • "Why not just convert them all?". He doesn't understand that the human will is much, much tougher than we expected. To convert them all would take forever.

    Jane Badler - Diana
  • “You got any idea how much fresh food's going for these days? And beef? I make more moneyselling hamburgers than I did selling reefer.”
    Michael Wright - Elias Taylor
    [Tag:food, health]
  • “Conversion is a very difficult and time consuming operation.”
    Frank Ashmore - Martin
  • “You always said it couldn't happen here... Then one day we woke up and we were living in a Fascist state.”
    Marc Singer - Mike Donovan
  • “- Bill Graham: Hurry up!
    - Caleb Taylor: Look, man, I ain't ever messed with stuff like this before and I'd just as soon not get my hands blowed off, okay?”

    Michael Alldredge - Bill Graham
    Jason Bernard - Caleb Taylor
  • “- Josh Brooks: What is it?
    - Mike Donovan: It's a key.
    - Josh Brooks: That's gonna get you into what?
    - Mike Donovan: The belly of the whale.”

    Tommy Petersen - Josh Brooks
    Marc Singer - Mike Donovan
  • “- Martin: The Leader wants them living. Some of them will be made into troops for battles with his enemy.
    - Mike Donovan: And the others?
    - Martin: In addition to the water... there is another basic shortage on our planet.
    - Mike Donovan: Food!”

    Frank Ashmore - Martin
    Marc Singer - Mike Donovan
    [Tag:enemy, food, people]